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LUI BossMods currently offers assistance for boss encounters in:

  • Redmoon Terror (EN/FR)
  • Datascape (EN/FR/DE)

There are still some boss/encounter specific modules missing, like certain elemental pair combinations, as well as Avatus in Datascape and most bosses in Genetic Archives. Sooner or later more modules will follow. Feel free to distribute!

  • Type /bm or /luibm or /bossmod to open option panel
  • Press ESC and click on LUI_BossMods to open option panel.
  • Click on the Wheel Button at the top right corner of the option panel to access global settings.
  • Type /bm break <duration in seconds> to start a break timer.
  • In case you want to add/edit some of the boss modules on your own, please go to LUI_BossMods/Encounters and open "dummy.lua". There you'll find everything you need.

GitHub Repository: https://github.com/laserloui/LUI-BossMods