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NOTICE: This add-on is no longer being actively developed in favor of ViragSocial (http://www.curse.com/ws-addons/wildstar/222778-viragssocial).  ViragSocial has provided much of the functionality and better social experience that people were looking for.  Since there is in duplicating this functionality, I'm recommending people move to using ViragSocial. 

This add-on replaces Carbine's default SocialPanel add-on and fixes some minor bugs and quality of life issues. It additionally, separates each of the social panels (Friends, Neighbors, Circles, and Guild)  into their own windows.

Just Friends (/jf) 
Replaces the default Friends view and pin-able social button which opens the Friends window, shows the number of friends online, and shows any pending friend requests.

Just Guild (/jg)
Replaces the default Guild view and adds a pin-able button which opens the Guilds window and shows the number of guild members online.

Just Neighbors (/jn)
Replaces the default Neighbor view and adds a pin-able button which opens the Neighbors window and shows the number of neighbors online.

Just Circles (/jc)
Replaces the default Circles view and adds a pin-able button which opens the Circles window.

Known Issues

  • Circles Panel does not default to the last circle that was opened.
  • Changes made to a circle or a circle member do not trigger a redraw of the circle window causing the information to be stale.
  • "Social" key binding is not working. (I have an open support ticket with Carbine over this)
  • The close buttons are behaving oddly when moused over, making them difficult to click.
  • The pin-able buttons do not currently "toggle" the states, they only open the panels.


  • Custom key-bindings for each window
  • Completely replace Guild and Circle interfaces (to fix the refresh bug and usability)
  • Better Guild Leader controls for promotion/demotion and moving ranks


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