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A basic add-on that sends a custom salutation message to your guild when someone in your guild logs in, or a custom welcome message when someone joins your guild.


The add-on can be accessed by using the slash commands: /guildautogreeter  or /autogreet ; or by using the button in the pinbar.

Guild Spam Prevention

The add-on contains a few features to prevent it from be creepy or spamming the guild when people are logging out and in frequently. And in general, to prevent it from annoying your guild leader/members.

  • All greetings are on a 4 second delay. This is to prevent it from appearing overly-automated and unsettling/creepy.
  • A greeting will only be sent by you once the first time a player logs in during your play session. If the player is logging out and logging back in, you won't spam your guild with greetings.
  • A "message threshold" is checked based on the number of auto-greetings made by other members of your guild. If the number of greetings total has exceeded that threshold, a greeting will not be sent. This is set to 3 by default.  This is to prevent multiple people in the same guild using the addon and flooding your guild chat every time someone logs in.
  • A greeting will not be sent if you are <AFK>.
  • To prevent spam, salutation (logged in) greetings are limited to 100 letters in length. 

Message Formatting

You can place different messages on new lines, and the add-on will pick one of them at random to use when the login or join events occur.  

To have the player's name entered into the greeting or welcome message,  include the text "{player}" where you would like it to appear.

For example:
If you have a player in your guild named "DreadPirateRoberts" and they logged on.

And you had the following Salutation Message:
Hello {player}!!~


[Guild] Username: Hello DreadPirateRoberts!!~

Why this add-on?

Many busy and very active guilds have people coming and going all the time. Most of the people in these guilds are actually busy doing something other than paying attention to guild chat (be it raiding, running dungeons, or something else), and in the worse scenarios have guild chat turned off entirely; then compound that with social awkwardness and you have a recipe for a guild chat that no one talks in.  MMOs, by their very nature, can be anti-social places and often not out of a lack of players wanting to be social, but because many people have short or limited attention spans.  

It's not secret that the most successful guilds strive to keep their players engaged.  Players who are kept engaged and feel noticed are far more likely to stay engaged with your community in turn.  This add-on was created as an attempt to bridge the gap between players' waning attention spans and the necessity to keep and active guild chat.  Rather than debating whether an add-on like this should exist in a ideal world, a more pragmatic solutions was implemented.

At it's worst, this add-on is lazy and disingenuous; however, it's fun, comedic, and very effective when used correctly.  Whether it's benefits outweigh any social implications is left for you to decide.

Suggested Use

This add-on is only as effective as the number of greetings that you provide. To keep any greetings from appearing disingenuous, it is recommend that a large number of different and varied greetings by added.  Most users have found that the add-on works best when you have more than seven different greetings.


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