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 is a Wildstar add-on which tracks the versions of supported add-ons, shares the version information between group members, and provides several in-game alerts when a group member has a newer version of a supported add-on than you. 

Why would I use this when I have the Curse Client?

  1. Many players don't leave the Curse Client open or regularly check for updates, by running this add-on you are helping those users keep their add-ons up to date. This is especially true because many players don't like to leave the Curse Client running.
  2. It's passive and lightweight, meaning it shouldn't impact your overall loading or in-game performance.
  3. It provides a quick and clean way for you to keep track of which version of a supported add-on you are running.
  4. It works best when more than one person in a group is using it and the more people who use it, the more everyone benefits.

What Add-Ons are supported?

OneVersion is being supported by a rapidly growing list of core add-ons such as ForgeUI and Kurona Bags.  A complete list of supported add-ons can be found on the OneVersion Wiki

If you find your favorite add-on isn't supported, you can contact your favorite add-on author(s) through Curse and ask them to add support for OneVersion. Make sure to let'em know that adding support for OneVersion is easy!

For Add-on Authors

You might be asking yourself, "Why add support for OneVersion?" Here are a few reasons:

  1. Adding support is simple and straight-forward. The process of adding support has been designed to be as painless as possible for add-on authors.
  2. It removes you, the add-on author, from needing to add and maintain this sort of functionality in your add-on. Even if you already have similar functionality in your add-on, the notifications that OneVersion provides to the user are unobtrusive, useful, and unique among Add-ons.
  3. It helps to encourage your users to keep your add-ons up-to-date.
  4. It's been rigorously tested by some of the best add-on developers to ensure that the product is mature. It is continuously developed on to ensure that any issues are found and corrected quickly.

Adding Support to your Add-on

Adding OneVersion support to your add-on is very simple. A detailed guide can be found on the OneVersion wiki. If you want a quickguide, then just follow these simple steps below:

1. Add code to you add-on which tracks a major, minor, and patch level version numbers.

local Major, Minor, Patch, Suffix = 1, 0, 0, 0
local YOURADDON_CURRENT_VERSION = string.format("%d.%d.%d", Major, Minor, Patch)

2. In the code the loads your add-on, fire a Generic event like so:

Event_FireGenericEvent("OneVersion_ReportAddonInfo", "YourAddonName", Major, Minor, Patch)

Typically this event is fired at the end of the OnDocLoaded  or OnInterfaceMenuListHasLoaded events.

That's it! Your add-on now supports OneVersion.  If you do decide to add support for OneVersion, please send me a Note on Curse so I can add you to the growing list of supported add-ons.  A link back to OneVersion from your own add-on would be appreciated too!

For more advanced uses of reporting to OneVersion such as suffix designations (i.e. 1.1.1c or 2.2.2ß) or libraries, please see the support wiki.

Special Thanks!

A big shout out to VimSh, KuronaSilversky, Immemor321, KamiNuvini, WintyBadassYellowKiwi, perterter, Baerdurid and other add-on authors for taking the time to support and help me work through they myriad of bugs with OneVersion. Thank you so much for your assistance and support, since this add-on was made possible by you! Thanks also to my guildmates at <ForScience> for allowing me to use them as my unsuspecting guinea pigs.


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