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Combat Proficiency Theory


Combat Effectiveness is a replacement for simple gear score addons that just evaluate your average item level.  CE looks at the stats for each role you play, and calculates a score based on your preparedness for the most challenging content for your level.


A new display window has been added to character profile and inspect panels.  It is in the bottom right corner of the model window.  It will show one of three icons representing the three Trinity Archetypes (tank, healer, dps), and below that will be the estimated proficiency score.

Known Issues:

  • Eventually, we'd like to be able to consider item specials, set pieces, and AMPs, but that will come after the first round of wide-scale testing is done.
  • Adjustments to scores from equipment and item changes will be added to the tooltips once the algorithms are done for each archetype.
  • Scores may vary as we update the addon.  I will try to make it a point to notify everyone in the updates and changelogs so you don't think something has gone awry.

Updates (most recent first):


  • Tweaked normalizing constants nearer to a score of 5000 for each role for moderately-geared end-game players.


  • Typos. Everywhere. (other normalizing modifiers fixed, should've just called them "FixitNumbers" instead : / )
  • Found another typo.  Fixed it
  • Another minor clean-up on aisle 4 (tooltip change for low-level characters)
  • Added a "work-in-progress" icon for low-level characters
  • Fixed a missing "then" that should only have affected low-level characters
  • Fixed a typo in the healing modifier that caused errors


  • Added proficiency report to the /inspect window.  This should be a little less intrusive than on displaying on mouseover.
  • Further refined proficiency scores and performed initial normalization across roles (damage should have similar scores to tanks with similar stats that contribute to tanking roles, and the same goes for healers).  
  • There will continue to be tweaks to the formulas as we get more data and (I'm sure) complaints or suggestions from users.  The main goal at this point was to sample some of the most well-rounded examples for each role, and then normalize the scores within an acceptable margin of error.
  • Fixed the mana calculations that were causing errors.  Every now and then, the functions refuse to report in time for the calculations, and you may occasionally get an error.  Try to pull up the character or inspect windows again after a few moments to see if you are still getting the error.  If so, please report it.
  • Testing an override for players under level 5 to prevent errors from too few stats to complete the algorithms.


  • Updated tanking formula.  Current iteration may scale a bit high at max level compared to other archetypes, but this will continue to be tweaked until it is as accurate as is reasonable (tentative fix in place with newest update).


  • Fixed leftovers from previous versions that were causing errors.
  • Fixed error in load delay timer.


  • Overhauled the display of data.  Data is now shown in your character panel, and is not shown to other players.  This is more similar to my original intentions, but with the additional calculations factored in.  Your proficiency type is displayed in text and with an image, and your proficiency score is below the archetype (damage, tanking, healing) icon.
  • Healing calculations have been added, but still need tweaked to account for focus regen in combat.  We need more data before we can commit to an algorithm for this.



  • Initial release


Regarding the statements that Wildstar combat is about more than a "gear score" (a statement from the author):


I don't doubt that at all.  I debated quite a bit, and discussed it with other authors I trust - authors that make a lot of the tools people are already using in game - before I made this Addon.  I initially wanted to take a bit of a different approach to the addon, but I changed my mind as we all talked.  Primarily because I was talking to guys who know what they're talking about, and I saw a way that it could be done that went beyond "What's your average iLevel?"


This addon takes all of the relevant attributes that contribute to the role that you are playing, and attempts to quantify how well your equipment is working together to round out your personal skill.  This addon cannot, and will not, ever fix stupid.  If you're standing in red stuff, or your LAS is completely out of whack, no addon can help you improve that.


However, if someone isn't a theorycrafter, this addon can help people to see numeric values found from theorycrafting.  In all of the complaining on here, no one has offered to improve the algorithms used.  Before this addon is feature complete, your Combat Efficiency score will reflect whether or not you spec'd into reducing  your cooldowns by 15% or not.  Does that mean the player have the dexterity to always pop every ability right as the cooldown is over, or that it is even warranted to do so?  No.  


But you, from a third person PoV can get a macro-level sense of whether or not the person you're looking at has put in the effort and preparation to get the most out of their equipment, rune slots, and AMPs.  And, if you look at them, and their score is low, this addon does not force to you invite them, NOR does it kick them from your group.  You still get to make a choice about  the player based on your own judgement.  You can make an informed decision, based on any number of factors you want to, about who you group, raid, or play with.  That's your business.


Are you using threat meters?  What about dps meters?  Anyone?  What are those good for?  Some people use them to brag about how big their egos are and treat other players badly.  Other people use those same addons to break down their rotations to a micro-level to make sure they are doing everything they can.  They're all tools. Authors of addons aren't responsible for the immature behavior of their users.  Sometimes we make addons to challenge ourselves.  Sometimes we make them because they're tools we want to use, and sometimes we make them because we know someone is going to make an addon like this, and if I get a good idea out there first, I can keep the bad ideas at bay.  


So far, on the first day of release, I've been told to die.  I've been told my work is garbage.  But, how many players go to ArenaJunkies' website?  How many plan to go to Dulfy when he starts putting stuff up?  How many will use talent tree builders and LAS builders, and AMP builders to get ready to raid?  What's the difference?


As a user, you can trust me when I say that I have the right intentions for this addons, or continue to talk trash.  I intend to write this addon responsibly, fairly, and in a way that informs players.  Either way, I'm not taking it down.  I'm not deleting it.  And I'm not going to go die.  I'm going to make this as good as I can make it, because if I don't, someone else will, and they may not care if their addon is used to belittle and berate people.  


If you don't like the addon, don't download it.  You don't have to use it.  And you certainly don't have to be in a guild or a group where people expect you to if you don't want to.  I've done nothing to take away choices or diminish gameplay.  If you don't like using tools, use your hands to build your house.  I don't care.  The Amish build their log cabins by hand without electricity - doesn't bother me.  They're free to do what makes them happy, just as you are.


If you have some constructive criticism to add, or you have a suggestion of how I can tweak some numbers to make a calculation better, then by all means, let me know about it.  I want to make this better.  I've done that with all of the addons I've made.  I've tried to make them better for the people who use them.  If you just want to complain, there's a million angry snowflakes in the world.  This won't be the first, or last, blizzard I've lived through.


From this statement forward, I'm not going to deal with melodrama.  Feel free to complain, but this is my statement, as professionally and as straight-forward as I can be.  If there are bug reports, I will address them swiftly.  If there is something that can be done better, I look forward to suggestions that improve the addon.