Primarily made to address the need to send URL links between parties and easily copy & paste them, it's turned into a sort of C.B. Radio.  Anyone can join the semi-public channels, but they must know the correct channel name to listen in.  Does not work cross-faction.


  • /cbr


  • Input text in the box above channel buttons.
  • Enter does not send to chat; instead, you must click the channel you wish to send to.
  • Clear will clear both input and received chat boxes.
  • Settings will bring up a dialog allowing users to specify what channels they wish to listen in on (ex. guild name channel)
  • Hard limit of 4 channels.


  • Allows user to chat to anyone listening to the message is sent to (semi-public)
  • Allows users to copy text sent to the channels, for easy URL copy & paste
  • Does not replace ChatLog nor any addons overwriting its features

Caution:  Potential for overflow in this initial release; addon runs continuously in the background, listening to channels.  If you run into an overflow, please comment below with the copied error text.  Thank you.

Special thanks to Yabco, Kerrzhe, and StylieKat