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Have you ever wanted to find your guildmate(s) quickly?  Are you tired of trying to figure out where guildmates are from where you are?

Well now, you can find them - if they are running Scryer, that is!

Current version: 0.6


  • /scryer - launches options window
  • /scryer on - turns updates on, enabling both listening and broadcasting
  • /scryer off (default) - turns updates off, disabling both listening and broadcasting


  • Scryer autojoins a channel specific to your guild's name and shares map coordinates with other guildmates running Scryer.
  • Every second, a timer fires off a short message to this channel which tells other Scryer users where you are.
  • Scryer listens to this channel and will update map coordinates.
  • Uses guild colors from nameplates to color dots on map and minimap
  • Uses small dots to not obstruct view; mouseover will show guildmate name and current zone
  • Periodic garbage collection removes markers for those who are no longer sending updates (ex. logged out).
  • Saves on/off status on reload (though it seems addon saves don't happen on lost connection)
  • Changed icon from dot to skull (like in groups)
  • Now has the option to show all nearby players, guildmates, and enemies on the minimap (default is off):
    • Purple skulls are guildmates
    • Blue skulls are allies
    • Green skulls are allies with pvp flag
    • Orange monster skulls are enemies
    • Red monster skulls are enemies with pvp flag
  • Skulls grow in size, dependent on that player's health:
    • Skulls on the minimap start at a small size
    • Players below 70% health increases the size to medium
    • Players who are below 30% health increases the size to large
    • Users can customize their own breakpoints.

Known issues:

  • Position doesn't discern based on continent; this is due in part to the way the Map works.  Will attempt to correct in future update.  For now, I'm also having it send the zone name, so people can discern where overlapping dots might actually be (mainly an issue on the 3 continents and housing).
  • May cause performance issues in a large enough guild - I have not run into them, but would appreciate any reports about it.