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2016-11-27: Version 6.7 released. API v14 version bump.

2016-07-11: Version 6.6 released. Support for ForgeUI v0.5a.

2016-04-24: Version 6.5 released. API v12 version bump.

2015-09-29: Version 6.4 released. F2P "Wildstar: Reloaded" API 11 fixes. BuffFilter can now register buffs by tooltip-hovering again.

Addon description

This addon allows you to select individual buffs or debuffs, which will then be hidden from your Player, Target, Focus or Target-of-Target frame buff-bars. You can select buffs to hide individually for each frame. Hidden buffs are not dispelled, they are simply no longer visible.

Hidden buffs do not count against your "8 visible buffs" limit.


Access the configuration window from the main WildStar addon interface, or slash commands /bf, /bufffilter.

Learning buffs
The addon begins with no knowledge of any buffs. You have to "teach" it buffs as you play. Luckily this is very easy: just mouse-over the buff to display its tooltip. You don't have to wait for the tooltip to be visible, just touching the tooltip-icon with your mouse is enough. That will add the buff to this addon, and allow you to hide it from the configuration window.

Buff hiding
Once a buff has been learned, you can toggle its visibility on each individual frame-bar, by clicking on the corresponding column in the Settings window. Clicking the buff-name itself will toggle all bars at once.

Buff sorting
Click the "Sort" column to set a buffs priority to High (up-arrow), Low (down-arrow) or Medium (no arrow, default). Buffs will be sorted left-to-right as [High | Medium | Low]. This allows you to control which buffs should be "pushed out" of your buffbar, without permanently hiding them. NB: Buff sorting is disabled by default, due to reported framerate drops / client freeze when using it. To use buff sorting, you have to enable it in Settings.

Known limitations

Unit Frame replacement addons
BuffFilter needs to know internal implementation details of the unit frame addon(s) you are using. It is possible for addon authors to supply these details via the 3rd party integrator API. BuffFilter comes with built-in support the stock UI and these unitframe replacement/addition addons:

If you would like built-in support for another unit frame replacement addon, just contact me. Adding support is fast & easy so don't hold back.

Tooltip matching
Due to API/UI limitations, buff-filtering is based on the buffs tooltip text (as opposed to buff ID or name), so marking a buff for hiding will hide all buffs with identical tooltip text. This is the case for some housing "Comfort" buffs, and may be the case for in-world buffs as well.

For buffs with multiple tooltip variants, each variant must be learned (mouse over the buff-icon) before it can be hidden.