2016-05-23: Version 3.5.1 released. Bugfix for Lua error when sending cash / sending items COD.

2016-05-22: Version 3.5 released. API v12 bump.

2015-09-30: Version 3.4 released. Compatibility checked OK for Drop 6, so this is just a API version bump.

2015-06-04: Version 3.3 released. Added support for OneVersion.

2015-05-05: Version 3.2 released. Updated to API version 10.

Addon description

Message subject and body text generation

When you send items or credit via mail, you still have to specify a message subject and body -- the "Send" button simply won't become active until there is text in both fields.

That leads to "asdfadfda"-mails when you send items or credits to alts/friends/guildies etc. This addon solves that particular headache for you:

Whenever you add or remove an attachment to the mail, or update the credit Send/COD fields, the message subject and body will be scanned and updated with a proper auto-generated description of what it is you're mailing.

If you have manually entered text into the subject or body fields, this will not be overwritten. An "Attachments:" text block will just be added/maintained at the bottom of your message, leaving the top free for you to edit manually.

Technical stuff

This addon does not replace the stock Mail addon, it just hooks into the appropriate "stuff has changed" functions and auto-updates the subject and body fields accordingly.