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2016-05-22: Version 10.5 released. API v12 bump. Seems to work ok with v12 and current shop addons.

2015-09-30: Version 10.4.1 released. Bugfix for Lua error occurring whenever you closed a vendor-window.

2015-09-29: Version 10.4 released. Drop 6 support. Still haven't gotten around to test all vendor-types (eg housing vendor) yet, so let me know if yu run into issues.

2015-06-21: Version 10.3 released. Changed installation directory from "purchaseconfirmation" to "PurchaseConfirmation". If you experience any issues from this, please see this page.

Addon description

Have you ever purchased an expensive, unusable and non-refundable item from a vendor, while trying to create a chat-link to said item? Well, I have. This addon is intended to put a stop to such accidental purchases, by injecting a "confirm purchase" dialog at various vendors in the game.

Which purchases to confirm, and which to allow un-confirmed, are determined by a combination of thresholds and modules. Thresholds define how great or small an amount must be before a confirmation dialog is shown, and modules define where in the game (at which vendors) you wish to have confirmation dialogs.


These four thresholds determine if a purchase requires confirmation, or should be allowed to complete without confirmation. The thresholds are defined per currency type, so you can have different thresholds for f.ex. Renown or Elder Gems, than you have for Credits. It is also possible to completely disable individual thresholds.

The thresholds are:

  • Fixed upper limit. Confirm purchase if you are spending more than this fixed amount.
  • Average purchase history. Confirm purchase if you are spending more than this percentage above the average of your most recent purchases.
  • Empty coffers. Confirm purchase if you are spending more than this percentage of your current balance.
  • Puny amounts. Do not ask for confirmation if you are spending less than this fixed amount, even if any of the above three thresholds were breached. Purchases ignored due to this puny threshold will not affect your average purchase history calculations.


Each module is essentially a hook into a WildStar addon. This hook intercepts the purchase before it completes, and, based on your configured thresholds, either request confirmation or allows the purchase to complete. You can enable or disable modules at will from the Settings interface - there's no need for reloading the UI.

List of modules:

  • Costume: Dye. Dying your items.
  • Housing: Buy To Crate. Buying housing items to your crate.
  • Vendor: Purchase. Item-purchases made at regular vendors. 
  • Vendor: Repair. Single- or all-item repairs made at regular vendors.
  • SpaceStash: Buy Bank Slot. Bank-slot purchases from the SpaceStash addon.


Open the Settings window from the main WildStar Addon menu, from the details foldout area on the confirmation dialog itself, or via slash commands /purchaseconfirmation or /purconf.

Default configuration is to always show a confirmation dialog, for every currency type except credits.