Boss Mods

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Boss Mods is an addon to help time boss abilities, track phases and give alerts.

This is currently in Beta 

As some encounters are pretty random, some of the timers are an estimate of the "minimum" time between the ability in question. Some are pretty spot on and some might simply be a mistake by me in coding the encounter. Currently I have every Veteran Dungeon Boss coded in and the first 2 bosses in GA. Although I must admit for a few bosses the addon doesn't do much, for others it's a great help. Also sometimes bosses do weird buggy things that can throw things off a bit. I decided to release this to  get some broader testing and feedback done, although I am currently working on alerts, I released this version without them as it's incomplete. I have a massive list of things to add to this that will only make it better and better.

Note: This will currently only work in the English Client, as I have to read a lot of the 'Datachron' chat events, and read from "GetCastName" which doesn't give a Spell ID. If anyone that uses the French or German version of the client wish to help me translate, please feel free to contact me.

To bring up the window to position it, type /boss


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