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Heal Buddy is meant to be the ultimate healing assist addon. In groups, looking for certain players to heal can get to be quite cumbersome. That's where heal buddy comes in, it will literally point you to your low health members, and if they are getting dangerously low it will even mark them.

/hb  brings up the options window.
/hbtarget will target the lowest health ally (this is macroable and automatically done with the 'create macro' button)
/hbfocus allows you to put a focus marker on your targeted groupmate to better distinguish their arrow (Like a Main Tank) - use slash command again on same target to remove it.

  • Sliders to adjust how your arrows and marker display including set range
  • Auto Create Macro button that will target lowest health ally which you can then use and bind to any key you like. This is found in options, alternatively you can manually create a macro...the slash command is /hbtarget