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This addon aims to be a replacement for the default raid frames by improving the way HP/Shields/Absorbs are displayed. It is the raid version of my Party Frames addon - BetterPartyFrames (


- Flat textures
- Disabled dynamic offsetting of the shield/absorb bars and instead provides fixed locations of shield/absorb bars to be more clear.
- Adds the option to hide shield/absorb bars
- Adds the option to track dispellable debuffs
- Text overlays for HP/Shield/Absorb values
- Target on MouseOver support
- Option to fade out frames of characters going out-of-range
- Transparent layout option
- Customizable Bar Colors
- Displays boost & food buff icons
- Rename raid members via the /brf rename option
- Option to disable the raid frames completely (for grid users)
- Saves all settings and frame locations across sessions (woohoo)
- [Advanced] - Allows you to change update timers for those with performance issues in 40m raiding.

Changes from the default frames:

- Bar art is now instantly properly updated for all players in the raid.
- An extra column is no longer added automatically when going >20 raid members
- The category collapse buttons are now disabled in combat when using AutoLock in Combat. In addition, if you manually completely lock the frames the category collapse buttons will be completely hidden.
- Adds a right-click context menu replaces the add-to-focus-group button and gives you options to kick/promote/mark/etc raid members.

Known issues:

- When using the fade when out-of-range option, there are some actions that can cause the opacity to reset for all members for a second. Mainly when someone joins or leaves the group, or when someone changes their role. Due to the way the addon is built (it is a modified version of the default raid frames) I am currently unable to fix this.
- When changing the roles of people via the raid management tab, it may automatically swap back to the old role if that person is also using BRF. This is because of the feature that saves your selected role. I'm currently not sure how to 100% fix this. I could fix it for raid leaders using BRF, but I'm not sure yet how to fix it for raid leaders that aren't using BRF. The workaround for this is using the lock-icon next to the the Set Roles text.

I recommend you configure it to not display Leader Icons, this will give a consistent HP/Shield/Absorb bar for every player.

You can use /brf to open the settings.


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