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This addon aims to provide better party frames by improving the way health, shields and absorbs are displayed.

Disabled the dynamic HP/Shield/Absorb offsetting and changed this to a static layout. Adds text-overlay that shows available HP/shield/absorbs

Options are available via /bpf:

- Text-Overlay settings to configure how HP/Shield/Absorb text is displayed
- Ability to lock the party frame to prevent it from moving.
- Tracking dispellable debuffs 
- Option to display level of players
- Option to choose whether or not to show Shield/Absorb bars
- Option to switch between the current color scheme and a more "flat" (less bright) scheme.
- Option to change the transparency of the window to give a more minimalistic feel
Support for targeting player when mousing over their HP/Shield/Absorb bars
- Option to fade out players that are out of range


 Check it out here: :)


Sadly - at the moment, not reliably possible. The GetMaxMana() call often bugs out and returns 0 as the max available focus/mana. This means I cannot calculate the current mana percentage that is available, which is something I do want to do if I implement this. There are "workarounds" for this - which is assuming a max of 1000 focus. However, due to runes/set bonusses it is possible players may have more than 1000 focus which makes this fairly inaccurate. I do not want to implement a solution that only works partially.

So for now, I won't be adding this. I have reported it to Carbine, and hopefully they will fix this API call. Once it is working, I will be implementing this.


- When using debuff tracking, there are some debuffs that the game shows as "dispellable" while in fact they aren't. This usually happens with disorient-like effects. You can verify this by hovering over the debuff icon - it should show up as "dispellable" - yet when you try to do it, it doesn't work. This is an issue on Carbine's end. It's not something I can fix.


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