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RaidCore is a boss encounter with many encounters registered:

  • Genetic Archives
  • Datascape
  • Core Y-83
  • Redmoon Terror

Most encounters are supported in English and French and some in German. 



  • /raidc -> Options
  • /raidc summon -> Raid leaders and assistants can use this to force players to accept pending summons. Can be disabled in the options.
  • /raidc break {optional time in seconds}
  • /raidc versioncheck


If you have some ideas of improvement, or if you have found a bug. Don't hesitate to create an issue on GitHub website.

With the /raidc command in game, you can access to the add settings: 

User Interface: Bars settings

 If you have a small PC, don't hesitate to change the graphical settings:

User Interface: Graphical settings

  And finally, you can select what you want encounter by encounter:

User Interface: An encounter settings