Resource HUD

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Resource HUD detaches the resource indicators from the player and target frames and combines them into one element that you can move around and what not. This allows you to get a more central placement for your resoruce indicators to better keep track of them while not having to look away from the gameworld by looking all the way down at the bottom of the screen.

The add-on extends the usability a bit by making it more "intelligent", if you will, and hides itself once it reaches the initial values for each resource, unless of course you're in combat or have a target selected. This however can be disabled by enabling the "Always show" option. It is also completely transparrent to the mouse cursor, so you can interact with the game world behind it and don't get mouse "dead spots" where you have the Resource HUD placed.

There's some options available when moving the resources element:

  • If you hold down Shift while dragging it, it will lock to either the X or Y axis.
  • If you Ctrl + left-click it, it will center itself on the X axis and retain it’s Y axis position.
  • If you right-click it, it will reset its position back to default.


  • Movable, scalable, rotatable, set spacing and adjust all fade-in/out and delay times.
  • Both player and target resources are combined into one element.
  • It’s completely transparent to the mouse cursor so no “dead spots" are created where the resource objects are shown, meaning you can click the game world behind them.
  • Each resource object is still placed according to which side it’s equipped in.
  • The graphics have gotten outlines to make them clearer on all kinds of backgrounds.
  • Removed the X/5 and replaced it with just the actual resource amount for the bar graphics – you know 5 is the max, no reason to write that.
  • It will hide itself once it reaches the initial values for each equipped weapon’s resource (unless you have a target selected or in combat then it will stay visible).
  • Hides the original resource objects from the player and target frames and moves the states up under the health bar.
  • Range indication option (read below).

Range indication
This gives each resource indicator a range check and will act accordingly to what you set in the options, which includes scaling and/or opacity when out of range. It won't check for individual ranges and will go into "in range mode" (which is the normal mode you're used to) as soon as a one ability is in range. If an ability doesn't require a target it will always show as in range.

Now when you get into range of something it can do a sort of "pop" effect where it scales up the resource indicator and then back down to normal. You can set the time for this as well. Just a little thing to make it easier to show that you're in range now.

The "Reduce scale by X when out of range" will make the resource indicator X percent smaller. Likewise the "Increase scale by X when entering range" will make the resource indicator grow to this size for the "pop" effect when you're within range.

The transition times are for how long it takes for it to reach the out of range opacity and scale state and how long the "pop" takes.


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