Nametag Overload

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Nametag Overload changes the nametags/healthbars to give you more information, look better and allow for greater customisation. Note that the add-on respects the nametag settings you've choosen in Interface Options for the game.


  • Entirely new graphics for the healthbar.
  • Option to add percent (25%, 50% and 75%) dividers within the healthbar.
  • Increased the size slightly for the healthbar and text.
  • Option to show text inside the bar. You can create your own string by using identifiers that will get replaced with the correct values. Read the in-game help on how to use this (click the question mark button next to the close button of the options window).
  • Option to show the health percentage out to the right with different options to control it.
  • Option to highlight your selected target.
  • Smoother colour transition in the healthbar.
  • Option to not show the healthbar for friendly NPC’s unless they’re targeted.
  • Option to not show the name for friendly NPC’s unless they’re targeted.
  • Option to adjust the scale of the name text.
  • Option to set the draw distance for nametags.
  • Option to only show healthbars for friendlies below 100% health, otherwise they are hidden.
  • Reduces the alpha of the bar for dead entities.
  • Grays out the text of dead entities.
  • Option to remove the nametag of dead entities.
  • Always puts your active target on top of the nametags.
  • Option to show states, castbar and resources for all entities, not only your target.
  • States graphics made clearer.
  • The shield/barrier portion of the bar is now light blue/cyan instead of yellow (making it stand out more) and won't fill up the healthbar when partially off-screen to the right.
  • States can now be shown even if you don't have weapon resource indicators enabled.
  • Option to put enemy nametags back into view if they would otherwise be off-screen. Can be shown at a specific (freely movable) anchor or at your mouse cursor.
  • Other minor options are available as well, just explore the options window.
  • Performance at default settings (on my system) is the same as the standard Funcom nametags.


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