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1.3M Downloads Updated Nov 17, 2015 Created Apr 7, 2014

SkyShards adds map pins for skyshards to the world map.

500K Downloads Updated Oct 20, 2016 Created Sep 20, 2014

MiniMap by Fyrakin. Easy to use, customizable.

759K Downloads Updated Feb 23, 2016 Created Apr 20, 2014

Adds map pins for lorebooks.

360K Downloads Created Mar 15, 2014

A damage meter addon.

479K Downloads Updated Feb 15, 2017 Created Mar 17, 2014

Slight improvements to the default experience bar that adds current/max experience and always displays the...

284K Downloads Updated Mar 21, 2015 Created May 6, 2014

Shows Points of Interest on the map (Quest Hubs, Dungeons, Dolmens, Wayshrines, Crafting Points)

257K Downloads Updated Feb 23, 2016 Created Apr 7, 2014

Simple addon that automatically marks trash items as junk and sells all junk to vendor.

278K Downloads Updated Apr 22, 2014 Created Mar 11, 2014

Change the Default UI with a Better One!

10.7K Downloads Updated Jun 1, 2020 Created Sep 10, 2019

Displays nearby resources on map, compass and highlights them in the 3d world.

105K Downloads Updated Oct 1, 2014 Created May 1, 2014

Potion Maker helps you make the potions you want.

124K Downloads Updated Feb 20, 2016 Created Apr 12, 2014

Enhances the interface with additional features and options while maintaining most of the stock look...

78.9K Downloads Updated Sep 20, 2014 Created May 5, 2014

Srendarr adds the ability to track your buffs, and debuffs you cast on others.

119K Downloads Updated Jun 16, 2018 Created Apr 16, 2014

Allows you to quickly and easily see which traits you have researched, wherever you are...

10.8K Downloads Updated Jun 29, 2020 Created Nov 11, 2019

Library allowing addons to easily craft complicated items

93.4K Downloads Updated Jun 28, 2014 Created Apr 15, 2014

Shows Mundus Stones on the map

18.8K Downloads Updated Jun 29, 2020 Created May 5, 2018

Easily complete crafting writs

52.4K Downloads Updated Sep 17, 2014 Created May 26, 2014

Price Tracker is a simple addon that scans all your guild banks and tracks items...

15.8K Downloads Updated Sep 15, 2019 Created Apr 24, 2018

This add-on shows the crafting quest while using a crafting table.

18.8K Downloads Updated Jul 2, 2017 Created Jul 2, 2017

Addon to suppress all UI errors caused by other addons

121K Downloads Updated Jul 19, 2014 Created May 10, 2014

Combat information, cloud style.