Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter

17,257 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 24, 2020 Game Version: 2.6.11

Do you want Master Writs? Don't want to spend hours on writs? Then this addon is for you!

When you activate a Master Writ, it will output in chat what it thinks you need. If it is wrong, you'll need to turn Master Writs off in the settings menu to cancel it.

Once installed, simply visit any crafting station. There is a short prompt that lets you select major settings. However, to further customize it, you should check out the settings menu.

The addon has a minimal UI, with an option to turn it off in the settings menu. 

You can choose which style sones you want the addon to use. The default is the 9 basic racial styles.

Slash Commands:

/dailyreset - Tells you how long until writs reset. This is the same time for pledges, and other daily quests
/outputwritstats - Outputs what you have received from writs in chat. Note: This output is big.
/resetwritstatistics - Resets the above statistics
/resetwcsettings - Resets the addon settings.
/abandonwrits - Abandon all non-master writ quests (Will fix that spelling)
/rerunmasterwrits - Will cause the addon to rescan your quests for master writs

/countsurveys - Counts how many surveys are in your backpack and bank
/countunearnedvouchers - counts the number of vouchers the user has in sealed writs
/rerunmasterwrits - Wipes the crafting queue for master writs and rescans quests


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