Combat Cloud

120,553 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 19, 2014 Game Version: 1.2.3


Combat information, cloud style. Displays outgoing and incoming combat events, warnings, notifications, ...


  • Original "cloud" animations
  • Seperate toggles for each combat and notification event
  • Combat events are incoming and outgoing events for damage & healing, mitigation and crowd control.
  • Notification events are combat state, alerts, points and resources
  • Event throttling
  • Extensive customization - Font, color, toggles, format (make each event display whatever text you want)


Combat Cloud uses the new LibAddonMenu-2.0. The settings can be found in "Addon Settings" and can also be accessed by typing "/combatcloud"


If you feel like we have deserved a donation for our hard work, we accept in-game currency. Our in-game names are @Sideshowtes (EU) (inactive), @Sekta (NA) and @Garkin (EU).


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