R'lyeh Nexus

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You are an inter-dimensional warrior tasked with a daunting quest: save the multiverse by destroying the Moon Lord in his home realm!  In order to confront him, you must first defeat his allies - each a lord of his own plane.  The order you confront them is up to you!


Download and place into your Worlds folder. Make a fresh character and you're ready to begin!


*Please make sure you download the specific file you want!  Normal and Expert Mode versions are available, and the Expert version is super hard!*


-1 to 3 players!

-Class specialization!

-Each boss has a reward item posted in the hub.  Devise your own strategies!

-Each stage has multiple hidden chests with extra loot!

-Hella bosses!

-Dramatically varied environments - every stage is its own dimension!

-Achievements! (E.G. beat bosses without using Healing Potions)

-Secret stuff!




Thanks a lot for checking R'lyeh Nexus out!  Let me know if you have any questions or feedback.




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