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Wanderer's Mansion House Tour

Welcome to your new home! This modification adds a mansion in the wilderness.
The stronghold is all yours complete with a Housemage, House Steward, and Bartender.
Several retextures are included. The missing textures from the original Wanderer's Mansion have been resolved.
This new home is yours, and ready to go...

/ Description \
Wanderer's Mansion is a self-sustaining fortification near the outskirts of Windhelm.
Manned by three of your personnel, the home includes a storage shed, and a watchtower.

/ Features \
- Three house companions, two of which are followers.
- Every crafting station comes included with the new mansion.
- All the divines have a shrine dedicated to them within the home, including Talos.

/ Location \
South of the Nightgate Inn, West of Windhelm, close to a small lake.

/ Credits \
'Paintings and Frames' by Artisanix
'Wanderer's Mansion' by LethalThreat
'Modders Resource Pack' by Oaristys and Tony67
'PotionShelf, BookSets, OpenBooks, and FoodContainer Resources' by Blary

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