Ourorax: Outpost of Civilization

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I am doing mods, videos, & more work online full-time now & want to upgrade existing modifications, plus, create more! This includes finishing Ourorax: Remastered.

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[REQUIRES SKSE] This modification adds a continent the size of Solstheim to Skyrim, complete with it's own map, fortress, NPC's with schedules, and LOD. You can arrive to this continent via the portal placed by Streik, in Riverwood, near the stone bridge. Watch the video to see how to get into town once you use the portal. There is also a giant ♥♥♥ castle, we are talking massive, complete with everything you need to help run things.

<+[INSTALLATION:]+> Download, unzip the file you downloaded, and drag the "Data" folder into your "Skyrim" folder that is usually located in your computer's "Program Files" directory. For Steam installations of Skyrim, you can find where you need to place the downloaded, and unzipped folder here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\

Watch the official video linked below.

Subscibe or Die. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Be80Tgo1R8 Leave ideas, thoughts, and suggestions in the comments! We are definitely updating this mod to expand upon everything already in place.

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Ourorax is a relatively new settlement, even it's location is being kept secret, known only to those privileged to such information. The mysterious 47 Organization is funding settlement in the area, everyone knows that, but nobody knows why. Explore the maze of corridors within Castle Dubrok. Do business with the population. Help Streik continue his importation of goods into Ourorax, with my modification ´47arrows! +Rich Merchant.´

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More updates soon including: A Streik Follower mod, incorporations of Mercenary|Girls, and Phoenix, various new installments to the Ourorax outpost, new buildings, new followers, new NPC's, new quests, new weapons, and a whole new Skyrim experience...

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