Twins of Din

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This project is inactive and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The author may have abandoned it, or it may have outlived its usefulness.

Two super hot followers, ready to fight for you, adopt kids, and get married!

You can find them in Riverwood, on the corner of the Riverwood Trader. Both, have an extensive spell-list, with unique weapon sets, and outfits. For fans of "47arrows!," the twins from Ourorax are packing their favorite arrows! Kaya carries deadly Whispers, and Saya carries the Green Beams... And for fans of "Ourorax: Remastered," you can find a special easter egg from King Akir himself!

Watch the Girls in Action! ;P Make sure to check out "47arrows!," and "Ourorax: Remastered," for even more immersion!


Ourorax: Remastered (New Immersive & Detailed Landmass) - 47arrows! +Rich Merchant Follower (New Marriable Master Fence) -

All of my followers include custom, in-depth spell lists, unique faces, traits, stats, and combat styles, along with weapons, and armor outfits. They do not set off traps, and do not affect your sneaking ability, they also level up with you, and start at varying levels, and locations.

  • Luscious Faces, HD Eyes, and SevenBase Bombshell Body, and Replacers, used in pictures :D For All Your Multi-Media Solutions™ DataDesigns™ © 2016®

Enter Haez. Redguard Spellsword for hire. She brought a torch, and a katana...

Build the most balanced, glitch-free mod list:

I just got the much needed SSD installed!!!!!

Jah Akir's Historical Journal, which is featured in "47arrows!," and "Ourorax: Remastered," is being written by our supporter: -Akeva-Banshee-

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