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This modification gives your Breezehome a more Riften styled look, the layout is much the same as vanilla Breezehome with a few additions, the bedroom is much bigger and there is an extra area in the living room.

Also includes an enchanting table and much more.

Next release will be focused more on decoration and things like mannequins, weapon racks, bookshelves etc.. As well as a basement with a smithy. ENJOY!

***WARNING READ THIS BEFORE TOUCHING THIS*** Make sure you have Breezehome 100% upgraded before installing this. Not exactly positive on how much this depends on that, but just to be safe please do it.

If you have modified your house using the console commands this modification may be useless to you. Specially if you using the, "markfordelete," command. I may remedy this in later releases but for now you will need to revert to old save. After reverting you can change things all you want.

It is best to load an old save to test the area before loading your newest save.. If you have placed items by hand they should be ok, however items in containers etc should be taken out before you load up this mod. YOU HAVE BE WARNED.

Also note, this is more of a testing phase, this kind of modification is extremely hard and therefore takes a lot of time and testing to get right, I would consider this version to be about 90% bug free, there may be some walls missing etc, if you notice any let me know.

----------------- Riftrun 0.1 Alpha. Readme. -----------------

0.1 Additions: - Enchanting/Alchemy tables. - Revamp of entire Breezehome, in the style of Riften, renamed Riftrun. - Three wall sections removed, replaced with 3 small rooms. - Two Fireplaces. - Better Carpets. - Weaponplaques, "removed."

0.1 Bugs: - Fall through floor entering house. - Walls and other Ids sometimes do not show up. - Lydia and Family don't cooperate with new pathing. - Weaponplaques activators still showing. - If you find more let me know at Shawk@shaw.ca or at SkyrimNexus.com.

Next Releases: - Bug fixes. - Basement with Smithy etc. - Mannequins, More Bookshelves, Weapon racks, plaques, Display cases. - Exterior remodeling.

----------------- Installation. -----------------

1. Extract Riftrun0.1.esp to computer. 2. Add Riftrun0.1.esp to your Skyrim's Data folder. 3. Run SkyrimLauncher, Select Data Files, check Riftun0.1.esp and click ok. 4. Play. Enjoy. 4.5. Give me your test play results.

----------------- Contact. -----------------

To contact me go to http://www.fusromod.com, Contact section. or Email Shawk@shaw.ca.


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