Dovahkiin Retreat

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Description: ******************* This is Dovakiin Retreat, in early beta in preparation for CK but still very usable. It is a small player owned house located near whiterun beside a waterfall/river. This house includes an exterior entrance to Dovahkiin Hideout that you can use if you have Dovahkiin Hideout installed. Download Dovahkiin Hideout: Link Features: ******************* - New Home named the Dovahkiin Retreat - Map Marker for quick access - Outdoor Storage - Outdoor Crafting Area (All crafting tools.) - Garden - Quick Access to the Hideout (if installed) - Cooking Pot - Cozy Bed - Indoor Storage Installing: ******************* - Extract BOTH the .ESM and .ESP to your Data folder and make sure they are BOTH checked in the DATA section of your Skyrim Launcher. Removal: ******************* - MAKE SURE that everything is removed from the house, this entire zone will be GONE when you delete it, so make sure to remove everything first or it will be GONE. Log: ******************* 0.1.5 - Adds Bridge with Storage near - Adds Storage on Porch - Adds Crafting area in woods beside Retreat - Adds Workbench, Smithy, Skinning Rack, Grinder - Adds Lighting - Adds Decorations - Adds Small Garden Beside Retreat - Adds Woodchopper+Axe 0.1 - Alpha Initial Release of Retreat - Dovahkiin Retreat Home - Dovahkiin Retreat Travel Location


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