Maze of Trials


*Note* Entrance is in Breezehome until it is possible to create new Cells areas, just go into Breezehome and you will be put in the dungeon.

This is the Maze of Trials;

The Idea: 4 Chapters, 4 Doors. The more chapters you do, the better the trials area starts to look, by chapter 4 the trials area will look amazing. This is the first chapter in beta stage. Most likely I will do the styles and layout in Pre-CK for now, I have finished the first floor of the first chapter, there will be 3 floors.

Still, this took a long time and is still fun to play right now, give it a try and lemme know of your test report, some things a bit bugged out and not much decoration. If the quest notes do not show up, just attempt to reach the dragons by going through the maze.



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