Honeyside smithing room

3,257 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 12, 2011

Honeyside Smithing Room! Not just thrown in like most these mods.. Properly lit, given some decoration and style, ENJOY! :) Check out my other mods and more info below. Mannequin works and racks are coming, I will try to recreate this in all the other houses.. I plan to have each one with rooms of 40+ racks in them soon I get them working right.

----------------- Description -----------------

- Entire Smithing Room. - Blacksmith, Woodcutter, Grinder, Workbench, Woodcutter, etc. - Fully lit with candles etc. - Table for all your creations. - Mannequins and Weapon racks.

----------------- Bugs -----------------

- Some bugs with racks and Mannequin, lemme know if you notice others. This isn't a perfect art yet unfortunately ;)


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