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Mod Description

With this mod you can make the weather preferences of your Sims (for sun, rain, snow and wind) visible! Normally, these preferences are hidden from you as so-called hidden traits. This mod does not add any new gameplay! Only what is already present in the game but has been hidden by the player is visualized as Likes and Dislikes traits. 


No translation is necessary, as the mod only uses strings from the game. So it is available in all languages.


This mod overwrites the original traits from the game, meaning it conflicts with all other mods that do the same! 

In particular, it conflicts with:

  • Visible Weather Preferences add-on from Chingyu's Unhidden Traits mod
  • Weather, Season and Holiday add-on from Helaene's PrefPlus mod

So the conflict is not with the complete of these mods, but only with the addons mentioned. If you delete these listed addons, then it is no longer a conflict.


  • The Seasons Expansion pack is required!

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