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What does this mod do?

This mod creates a better overview in the pie menu structure for some objects in the game, e.g. sim, computer, TV, stereo, fridge, stove, mirror etc... The main goal is to make the search faster with suitable icons. In addition, the priority of unimportant folders has been decreased and the priority of the important folder has been increased instead. A few new overcategories were also created and the sub-folders reorganized. The mod is compatible with the Base Game.

This mod only overwrites the so-called Pie Menu Category Tuning of some menu categories. Not a single interaction tuning was overwritten! The restructuring is done via a script, so you need to allow scripting in your game settings. Conflicts can only arise with the same mods that also modify the category tuning of the pie menu or also arrange interactions differently through scripts.

Content of the Archive

The zip archive contains the following files:

  • Better Pie Menu Script (required)
  • Better Pie Menu Core: Computer & TV only
  • Better Pie Menu Core: More Pie Menus

Problems with BPM

Problem: Since I got the mod, I can't do anything with the computer (or on other objects) anymore. The menu has disappeared. If I click on the object, then everything hangs and then nothing happens.

Answer: The problem can occur when my mod conflicts with another one. This can only be the mods that change the EA Pie menus. Let me know which mod it conflicts with (or at least which objects the menu disappears on) and I'll try to find and resolve the conflict! The conflicts are unpredictable, but many are fixable!

Compatibility Issues

1) The following mods are completely incompatible with BPM:

  • Less Main Pie Clutter by Lumpinou (retired mod)
  • Massage Socials Fix by Vicky Sims (chingyu1023)

2) The following mods are problematic:

  • Conversation Tweaks by Bienchen

The problem with this mod is that it overwrites dozens of game interactions. At the very least, some things may no longer appear the way BPM intended. I can't say more exactly. I'm not crazy looking at every little change Bee has made in his mod either. So I guarantee no security and no compatibility here.

3) The following mods don't have any compatibility issues with BPM (at least not yet), but may cause the menus to look slightly different than intended:

  • Better Meal Time Menu by LittleMsSam (on the kitchen appliances);
  • Carl's Sims 4 Gameplay Overhaul by Carl (on Sims social interactions);
  • Complete Cooking Overhaul by Srslysims (on the kitchen appliances);
  • Meaningful Stories by roBurky (on computers and refrigerator);
  • Move, Sort & Hide Interactions (multiple interactions everywhere);
  • Plumfruit by Arnie (on computers and tablets);
  • Realistic Cooking Mod by Somik and Severinka (on fridge).

These minor conflicts do not cause the game to crash or generate LE errors. The result of these conflicts is that some of my menu tweaks no longer work because the mentioned mods are also overriding the same pie menu tuning, resulting in override contention. So you won't see all the improvements I've made to BPM. So players using BPM and the listed mods at the same time just don't see the full Better Pie Menu improvements. But there's no reason to delete either mod because you like both. However, the conflicts are possible in the future if the authors of these mods change something so much that it will cause a conflict. If the interactions on the objects mentioned disappear, it could be that it has become a conflict. Then let me know and I'll check it out.

Required Terms

You have to allow the scripts in your game settings.


The mod almost exclusively uses only pre-made strigs from the game, so no translations are needed here.



Mod Support available via my Discord: