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Toddlers (and Infants) at Parks (and Other Places)


HUGE UPDATE There are now two new lot traits: Toddler Friendly and Infant Friendly

Do you want some cute townie toddlers and infants in your parks, pools, cafes or everywhere else? This mod lets them spawn together with a parent.


Mod Functionality
The mod adds two new lot traits: Toddler Friendly and Infant Friendly that you can add to any lot. So you can make toddler friendly parks, infant friendly cafes, toddler friendly pools or whatever you like.

Toddlers and infants will spawn from 8am to 4pm and will be accompanied by a parent from their household.

The mod is base game compatible, but of course it works great together with the toddler gym from Toddler Stuff.

If you do not have enough toddlers or infants in your save the mod will create a new family.

Some building tips for kid friendly lots:

  • keep them small (toddlers are incredibly slow and infants are even worse)
  • no stairs or platforms (toddlers can deal with it, but infants don't and you can't rely on the parent to pick up their infant)
  • put enough toys on the lot so the kids don't have to play with the toilets ;)


Packs required
No packs required.


Unzip and drag the package file into your Sims 4 Mods directory.


I translated the mod using automatic translation. If you find any issues with this please let me know and I'll fix it.


Most parts of this mod are new tuning files that do not override any game resources, so any compatibility issues are unlikely.

I changed (fixed) the Leave Lot Interaction for toddlers, since it just did not work (made the poor toddlers disappear in the middle of the lot instead of walking them back to their spawn point).