Funeral Service Event

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Do you want to give your deceased Sims a proper goodbye? With the Funeral Service Event you can help their friends and family deal with the loss.

Mod Functionality
The following types of Sims can be invited

  • Deceased: One or more ghost Sims for whom the funeral takes place. They will also show up to the event. And pets can have funerals too!
  • Host: The active household Sim that will be responsible for giving the eulogy for the deceased.
  • Guest: Friends and family that want to share their grief.

The main event goal is to give a eulogy for the deceased Sim(s). This is a new interaction that is available on the urn or tombstone of the deceased while the event is running. For this reason you will need the urn or tombstone to host a successful funeral service.

For the minor goals some food and coffee or tea will be helpful.

The event can be initiated by

  • young adults
  • adults
  • elders

Compatible venues are

  • residential lots
  • generic lots
  • museums
  • parks
  • wedding venues
  • national parks

Guests and hosts will change into black clothing once the event starts. I chose the clothes that are tagged as both black and being suitable for black&white parties (you do NOT need Digital Deluxe for this to work). This gives the best immersion but unfortunately generates quite repetitive outfits. I'm open for feedback on this topic, but keep in mind that just using black formal clothing would generate some really weird outfits and would also allow clothes that are black plus another color.

Additionally I fixed the mourning interactions so that mourning will actually have a noticeable effect on your Sim's sadness.

Packs required
No packs required.

Available languages:

All other languages will use the English texts (so far). Since I added a bunch of strings I'm not really comfortable with using automatic translations, but if anyone would like to provide translations for their languages I'd be happy to add it (and give credit of course).

Unzip and drag both the package file and the script file into your Sims 4 Mods directory (not more than one folder deep).

Most parts of this mod are completely new and do not override any game resources. The only exceptions are the mourning interactions, so if you use another mod that changes how mourning works it will be in conflict with this mod.