Neighborhood Stories: Marriage (+Suggest Getting Married Interaction)

Since the Neighborhood Stories feature still does not let other Sims get married on their own so that they can start their own family I created this mod. It extends the Neighborhood Stories system so that all Sims might get married on their own (if you allow it in the settings) and also includes an interaction to encourage your Sim's friends to seek love.

Mod Functionality

This mod extends the Neighborhood Stories system with a new "Get Married" rule that you can activate or deactivate for all or just for some households.

So Sims might get married on their own (as with other Neighborhood Stories features you can check for updates on the mailbox). The mod makes a Sim get married to another Sim in the save and the spouse will move to the target Sim (so that they can start to get pregnant or adopt via the Neighborhood Stories system).

The selected spouse will

  • be single
  • be in the same age group as the target Sim
  • not be considered incestious by the game
  • fit to the sexual orientation of the target sim
  • not be non committal
  • change their last name to the target Sim's last name
  • might bring their underage kids (if they are a single parent) or their pets to the marriage

Whether the mod makes Sims get married or not depends on the number of married Sims in your save. If there are a lot of couples already the chances for a Neighborhood Stories marriage are quite low, if there are few the chances are higher.

This mod also adds a new interaction "Suggest Trying Online Dating" that can be found with the friendly interactions in the "Deep Thoughts" pie menu (on single Sims).

The suggestion will not always be successful and the Sims will get moodlets depending on the result. Sims with the trait "Family Oriented" will be affected more, both positively and negatively, but they will also be more successful. The traits of the active Sim and the target Sim will affect the likelihood for a successful suggestion. Sims with the trait "Family Oriented" will be more successful and if the target Sim is also a family oriented Sim the chances are even better. Being romantic also helps... Sims that have the trait "Non Committal" will never say yes. If you try the interactions multiple times in a short time it will be less likely to succeed. If the target household is already full the suggestion will always fail. And the interaction is not visible for members of the current household, since it is not meant as a cheat...

If the interaction is successful and the mod finds a valid spouse your Sim might get a phone call to tell them about it. Since there's no guarantee that the phone call will happen you can also stay up to date with the Neighborhood Stories updates on the mailbox.

I made a huge effort to make sure that only Sims are eligible as marriage candidates that would not leave behind any unattended minors or pets in their former household, so the interaction should never create households that should not be allowed (kids or pets living on their own).

If you prefer the old version of this mod, that was not tied to the Neighborhood Stories system you might keep using the previous file (updated on 15.03.2023). So far it was quite stable regarding patches, so it might work for a while longer. But I will not make any updates or bug fixes for this old version.

Packs required
No packs required.

Recommended Mods
I'd recommend my own mod Ask to Invite Family Member, which makes it a lot easier to get to know the new partners.

Available languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Brazilian Portuguese (thanks to simcamelia)

All other languages will use the English texts (so far). Since I added a bunch of strings I'm not really comfortable with using automatic translations, but if anyone would like to provide translations for their languages I'd be happy to add it (and give credit of course).

Unzip and drag both the package file and the script file into your Sims 4 Mods directory (not more than one folder deep).

This mod extends the Neighborhood Stories system, so it is possible that there are conflicts with other mods that add new rules.