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Srsly's Complete Cooking Overhaul

Srsly’s Complete Cooking Overhaul (SCCO) is a complete overhaul of all things cooking!


This mod changes all EA aspects of cooking to make them feel more realistic and immersive.

This mod expands EA recipes, adds more serving sizes to EA recipes, adds custom ingredients,  and even adds grocery shopping to your game.

I created this mod because I love cooking and wanted more from it in my gameplay.
In real life, you might not be able to afford a meal or need to shop before you can cook.
So now you have to in Sims as well!
Just be careful you don’t stave…


SCCO is the #1 mod for cooking compatibility with other creators! 
Started in 2019, this projected started of for a way to allow your sims to immerse themselves into cooking just like real life. 

Over the years this has become my passion project, where my main goal is to bring all cooking creators together to make compatible recipes and ingredients.

This allows others creations to not only be used for their items, but SCCO's EA Overrides of all recipes!

With SCCO installed, you will never need another mod to add some new food only available out in your sims world. All recipes in the game, even snacks, can be made at home!


Are you a creator interested in compatibility? Stop by my Discord for a chat!


Early Access is available via CurseForge, Patreon, or my Discord! 
Subscribe for 2 week or 3 week early access and more!


If this is your first time using SCCO, stop by my website to read over the detailed information about the mod. 

Click above to be re-directed to my website! :)


SCCO Features

  • Grocery Shopping
  • Custom Ingredients & Ingredient Tags
  • Additional Serving Sizes 
  • All Recipes in the Game can be made at Home
  • All Recipes work with "Simple Living Lot Challenge"
  • All EA Deserts use the Baking Skill
  • Ask Others to Cook
  • Cook All EA Recipes by Types
  • Organized Pie Menus for Fridge/Stove
  • EA Recipe Overhaul
  • Cookbooks to Learn Recipes
  • & More!


Included Addon Features

  • Bread Box Storage
  • Chip Displays
  • Cowplant Milking
  • Grocery Subscription Service
  • Seed Packet Display
  • Club Interactions
  • Holiday Traditions
  • Harvest SCCO Meats
  • Meat Wall For Everyone
  • Expanded Batuu Menus
  • The Drink Machine



You will need the “Food/Drink” interactions mod for Icy’s creations.