Working Medicine Cabinets


This mod adds a "Take Medicine" interaction to the game's bathroom medicine and sink cabinets. The sim will purchase the medicine for the regular 50 Simoleons and take it immediately. For safety reasons, children will be unable to take medicine from the cabinet unless they are actually ill, and the standard timeout for teen and older sims will also prevent any accidental overdoses.
The items in the screenshot indicate which objects have the medicine purchase available:


All wall mirrors which use the "object_mirror_wall" tuning are now usable.

Wall Cabinet

Countryside Caress Medicine Cabinet

Sink Cabinets

Cru Cabinet Sink

Poulton Footed Sink Vanity



Resource Overrides

B61DE6B4_00000000_0000000000008EE8 - object_mirrorWall

B61DE6B4_00000000_0000000000008F37 - object_sinkPedFC_01

B61DE6B4_00000000_0000000000008F38 - object_sinkPedQA_01

OBJD Overrides
In order to add the tuning to the generic wall cabinet, it was necessary to override the OBJD as it was using a generic statue tuning.

C0DB5AE7_00000000_000000000000EFB0 - sculptWallFCCabinetMedicine_01_set6

C0DB5AE7_00000000_000000000000620B - sculptWallFCCabinetMedicine_01_set1

C0DB5AE7_00000000_000000000000620C - sculptWallFCCabinetMedicine_01_set2

C0DB5AE7_00000000_000000000000620D - sculptWallFCCabinetMedicine_01_set3

New XML Resources

B61DE6B4_00000000_BB9CBFE956ACD89C - MTS_Scumbumbo_object_MedicineCabinet

E882D22F_00000003_EA808E2B8DBE9293 - MTS_Scumbumbo_BuyFromMedicineCabinet_High

Additional Credits

Kuree and all the others at Sims4Group who have put together the S4PE tool