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Royal Family Mod

Required Pack: City Living, Get Famous, Get Together and Outdoor Retreat
Other Requirements: King and Queen Traits, Royal Family Career, Work Interactions Pie Menu and XML Injector

Recommended: Coronation, Garden Party, Royal Duties, Royal Wedding, Royal Visit and Tea Party Events, Royal Family Member and Royal Family Monarch Aspiration
Royal Castle and Royal Holiday Home Lot Traits

Other Requirements: City Living, Get Famous, Get Together and Outdoor Retreat


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Instructions: Before you get started, Your Sim must have a King or Queen Trait applied to your Sim. Go into Create-A-Sim and apply the trait. Then make sure your Sim has the Royal Family Career. This mod will NOT work if these two steps are not added to your Sim.


Royal Family Career

The second step is to apply the Career to your Sim. It’s found under the Freelancer Career menu.


Royal Communications Pie Menu

Inside the pie menu


Announce Pregnancy
Announce Divorce
Announce Engagement
Announce Passing of Family Member
Announce Birth of New Baby

Letters Patent (Kings/Queens only)
Issue a Royal Title to an Illegitimate Child
Issue a Royal Title to a Step-Child

Royal Family Website
Update Line of Succession
Host Royal Forum


Greeting Royal Family Members
Greet Monarch

Uses the Bow animation. You can only greet the King or Queen and a King/Queen will not use this interaction as they do not bow to Monarchs. Both Sims will receive a sentiment about respecting or being impressed with each other if the interaction succeeds.

Greet Royal Family Member

Uses the air cheek kiss animation. All Sims in the Royal Family can use this interaction. The only time it can’t be used is when a Sim is King or Queen greeting their spouse.


Helpful Tip: If you do not want other Sims in your world to get the King or Queen trait. MCCC has a feature that allows you to blacklist traits. Go too MC > MC CAS > Blacklist Traits > Personality Traits and select King/Queen. With the new update when Sims have a title already, the interaction will not show to give them the same title for a second time.


Title Explanation - Use at your own discretion of course.

King and Queen - Ruler of the family. This trait is in CAS and only the King or Queen may anoint other titles.

Prince Consort and Queen Consort - The spouse of a King or Queen.

Crown Prince and Crown Princess - The heir to the throne or the spouse of the heir to the throne.

Prince and Princess - The son or daughter of a King, Queen, Crown Prince, Crown Princess and could be used for a grandchild of the monarch or daughter of a Prince or Princess. The title of Prince and Princess are often given to blood line Royal family members, but with exception can be gifted to non-blood line members by the King or Queen.

Princess Royal - A title given to the first and eldest daughter of the monarch. There can only be one Princess Royal at a time and the title remains with the holder for their entire duration of life.

Duke and Duchess - The spouse of a Prince or Princess could use this title.

Earl and Countess - A lesser title often given to a Prince who chooses not to use the title of Duke. The wife of an Earl is styled Countess. A countess may also be a Princess who is given a lesser title to allow her spouse to become an Earl.

Lady and Lord - These titles are often given to the children of a Duke, Duchess, Earl, Countess.

Baron and Baroness - This is a lesser title and the lowest peerage title to hold. A Baron's spouse is titled a Baroness.

Royal Highness Dowager - This is a title given to the spouse of a deceased Royal Family member. Title has a special interaction - "Talk about Beloved Royal Spouse".


Sims will also gain a red tooltip text over their head and both Sims get a buff!



Royal Staff

You can now have three different staff members and when you add a staff member an in-text notification will appear in purple.

Royal Advisor – Only appointed by The King or The Queen.

Lady-in-Waiting – Only appointed by Queens, Queen Consorts, Crown Princess, Princess Royal, Princess, Duchess, Countess, Baroness, Lady, Princess and Royal Highness Dowager.

Private Secretary – Appointed by any Sim with a Royal Title.


Communicating with Royal Staff

You also have special interactions when communicating with staff members. (I will create more of these at another time). These will generate an in-text notification.


Removing a Staff Member

Not a fan of your staff member? You can also remove them at anytime, they will lose their title and you will see an in-text notification.


Becoming King or Queen

Before you can become King or Queen, you must remove your current title. To do so, you would go on the computer and look under the Royal Communications Pie menu.

Then select the option of “Remove Current Title” and this will remove any current title before you go into CAS and apply the King or Queen trait. You will get the buff below about inhering the throne.


Remove Titles or Request no Titles for Kids


Remove Royal Title

Kings or Queens can now strip titles. If you lose a title, if you have an inheritance you will also lose the inheritance once the title is removed.



Lot Traits



There are various Patronages that the King or Queen can appoint to their family members. But firstly if the King or Queen wants to join a Royal Patronage, they will need to look under the computer > Career menu to add the Patronages. With the new update when Sims have a patronage already, the interaction will not show to give them the same patronage for a second time.

List of Patronages


Patron of The Arts Society
Painting on Sketchpads or Easels
Viewing Art
Talk about Royal Art Patronage
Chat about Art Themes
Create a Excellent Painting
Finish a Painting
Level up in Painting
Mentor Someone in Painting
Paint a Classic Painting, Mural, Landscape, Painting, Pop Art, Realistic, Surrealism, Abstract, Impressionist
Paint on an Easel, Paint on an Easel at the Museum
Start a Confident, Flirty, Playful, Sad, Angry Painting
View or Admire a Piece of Art at the Museum
View a Piece of Art

Patron of the Animal Society
Adopt a Pet
Train a Dog
Visit a Vet Clinic
Learn the Veterinarian Skill
Talk about Royal Animal Patronage
Chat about Pets
Meet a Cat or Dog
Adopt a Dog or Cat
Use your Laser Pointer
Clean up hair pile
Use your Cat wand

Patron of Education Association
Visit the world of Britechester
Talk about Importance of Education
Chat about School System.

Patron of Angling Club
Go Fishing
Examine Water
Go Spearfishing
Set a Bait or Empty Trap
Angle for Big Catch
Talk about Fishing Techniques
Chat about Royal Angling Club
Bait Hook
Catch 3 Fish
Catch a Fish
Catch a Fish with Bait
Fish For an Hour
Skill up in Fishing
Catch Large or Very Large Fish
Mount a Fish
Purchase a Fish

Patron of Garden Society
Weeding Plants
Harvesting Plants
Inspecting Garden
Reviving Plants
Watering Plants
Spraying for Bugs or Spray Area
Fertilize Plants
Collecting Plants, Grafting and Cutting Plants
Research Gardening Tips
Talk about Garden Ideas
Chat about Garden Society
Blog about Gardening Tips
Buy a Luminary’s Exotic Water Garden
Craft a Garden Pot or Planter
Enthuse about Gardening with Others
Go on a Nature Walk
Level up in Gardening Skill
Play with Water Garden Denizen
Weed a Plant or Weed 3 Plants
Harvest a Plant or Harvest Unidentified Plant
Plant Something
Talk to a Plant
Water a Plant

Patron of Photographic Society
When the Photography Skill is in use
Talk about Royal Photographic Society
Chat about Photography Filters
Take a Photo
Take a Photo of
Take a Photo with Someone Else

Patron of the Royal Academy of Music
Play Music with the Guitar
Practice Guitar, Violin, Piano
Plunk Some Inspiration with Guitar
Serenade with a Guitar, Piano, Violin, Portable Keyboard
Play the Piano
Listen to Serenade
Watch Performances (Violin, Karaoke, Portable Keyboard, Piano, Pipe Organ)
Chat about Music Genres
Talk about Royal Academic of Music
Dance to Stereo Music
Listen Deeply to Music
Skill up in Music

Patron of Royal Food Trust
Volunteer at Bake Sale
Volunteer at Soup Kitchen
Talk about Royal Food Trust
Chat about Recipes

Patron of San Myshuno Festivals
Receiving a Festival Buff – Savory Aromas, Among Geniuses
Talk about San Myshuno Festival
Chat about Different Festivals
Attempt Spicy Curry Challenge
Ask about local cuisine
Buy and Wear Romance Festival T-Shirt
Buy Flea Market Object
Drink Dark, Light or Sakura Tea
Grill Food at Festival
Harvest Produce at Festival
Light a Firework at Festival
Paint a Painting at Festival
Play Games on a Computer at Festival
Play Games on a Motion Gaming Mat at Festival
Program on a Computer at Festival
Sample Some Food at Festival
View Flowers at Festival
Work on a Space Ship at Festival

Patron of Starlight Accolades
Watching the Awards Show
Chat about Starlight Accolades
Talk about Starlight Accolades Patronage

Ambassador of Sulani
Volunteer to Clean Beaches
Visiting the Island of Sulani
Chat about Sulani Beaches
Talk about Sulani Ambassador Patronage

Head of Royal Family Foundation
Ask for Small or Large Donations (Charity Event Party)
Throw Charity Benefit Party (Receive Gold or Silver)
Make a Donation
Talk about Royal Family Foundation
Chat about Royal Charities
Donate to a Charity

Patron of Medical Research
Walk to Fight Disease (Volunteer)
Talk about Medical Research Patronage
Chat about Medical Research Studies

Patron of Friends of The Elderly
Volunteer at a Nursing Home
Talk about Friends of The Elderly Patronage
Chat about Elderly Care Services

Ambassador of Tartosa
Visit Tartosa

Patron of Equestrian Center
Enter Horse Competition
Hand Feed Horse
Clean Hooves
Brush Coat
Spectate Horse Competitions
Adopt a Horse
Attend or Host Ranch Gathering
Talk about Equestrian Center

Patron of Finchwick Fairs
View Competition Entries at Fairs
Talk about Finchwick Fairs



Talk about Royal Family History

Promote Royal Family Agenda

Discuss Future Engagements

Commit to Charity Work

Give Royal Patronage Update



Ask For Permission to Propose – For non King and Queen Sims. Will get a notiication if they are allowed to propose. 

Ask to Become Non-Working Royal – Kings, Prince Consort, Queens and Queen Consort can not use this interaction. But any others can and a decision will be made.

Ask For Baby Name Approval – Ask the monarch for approval to name your baby. Appears for all but the Kings, Queens, Prince Consorts and Queen Consorts.

Ask to Switch Careers – Maybe our Sim wants to keep their title but become a Doctor! You can now ask for approval.


Leasing or Gifting Residences

The King or Queen can also gift other Royal sims a home or lease them a home.

Gift a Royal Residence means a Sim owns the home and does not have to pay rent.

When a Sim is leased a home, they need to pay the Crown Estate every 7 days. That interaction is found under Computer > Household.



This category is used for Sims to update other family members or the public on things happening in their life. There are two interactions that will always be under his category:

But there will be other options:
Announce Royal Baby – Must have Pregnant Buff
Announce Royal Engagement – Must have Engagement Buff
Announce Divorce From Spouse – Must have Divorce Buff

Crown Estate Funds
As long as your Sims have a Royal title, they will receive Crown Estate funds. But the King or Queen must have Joined the Royal Patronages via the computer to get their allowance.

Funds depend on the Royal Title
King or Queen = 500,000
Prince Consort or Queen Consort = 250,000
Crown Prince or Crown Princess = 100,000
Prince or Princess = 75,000
Duke and Duchess = 50,000
Earl and Countess = 25,000
Baron and Baroness = 10,000
Lady and Lord = 10,000
Royal Highness Dowager = 10,000

Funds are distributed weekly on Monday around 8 am but no later than 8:30.

Sims will get an in-text notification you can see below

And a buff you can see below

Once the Sims have this buff there’s a new interaction “Brag about Crown Estate Income”.

Helpful: If you’ve been playing with Royal families before today, you will need to cheat the game to add the Royal Allowance trait to your Sim as your Sims already have titles. This is a hidden trait and you will need MC Command Center to make sure your cheated are added. Then select your Sim using shift + control + enter and select add trait. Then add the “Royal Allowance” hidden trait.



Coronation, Royal Duties, Garden Party, Tea Party and Royal Wedding.






Computer Interactions


Sims who have a Patronage can use this computer interaction and it will leave you with a focused buff for 6 hours. This interaction is found under computer > career and under my work from home pie menu.


Royal Family Member


Text Messages
Sims will receive text messages from other Family Members.

After Sims host a Royal Patronage Meeting they will get this text message


Abdicate the Throne

This interaction only appears on the phone for Sims who are King or Queen. It’s important to make sure you have anointed another Sim a title so they can take over before going to this interaction because this interaction means you will lose your title and no longer have access to the Royal family pie menu.

You can be granted a title once you abdicate if the incoming Monarch decides to give you one OR you can straight up ask for a courtesy title can be Lady, Lord, or any other title you choose to give that is under the titles menu. When you have this buff about abdication, you will have 12 hours to ask for the courtesy title.