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Astronomer Career

Required Pack: The Sims 4 Base Game and XML Injector


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Career Levels
Space Janitor
Stargazer- Reward of a Backyard Observatory 
Planetarium Operator
Star Specialist
Amateur Astronomer 

Astrophysicst Branch
Star Charter
Gamma Ray Technician 
Quantum Theorist
Phase 10 Physicist 

Space Explorer Branch
Moon Walker
Prober of Planets
Solar Sailor
Galaxian Guru
Beam Commander

Rocket Science

Promotion Tasks
Stargaze using Backyard Observatory
Max Logic Skill
Max Rocket Science Skill
Visit Space
Installing Landing Computer
Install Ion Cannon System
Read Logic Book
Collect Space Prints
Collect 2 Space Rocks
Search for the Truth

Work From Home Tasks
Buy Backyard Observatory
Observe The Sky
Explore Space
Stargaze with Someone
Discuss Logic Puzzles

Sims with a Degree in Physics will jump to the Amateur Astronomer Level.