Architectural Designer Career
Required Pack: The Sims 4 Base Game
Other Requirements:
Renovate Home Event and
XML Injector


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Career Levels
Fabric Fetcher
Pattern Spotter
Placement Planner
Feng Shui Fiend
Decor Debutant
Furniture Fashionsita
Regent of Rugs
Aesthetic Architect
Sultant of Style
Dictator of Design



(Interaction is included in the career file. It is found under friendly > interests

Promotional Tasks
Reach Level 1 in Photography
Reach Level 2 in Photography
Reach Level 3 in Photography
Max Photography Skill
Reach Level 2 in Charisma
Reach Level 4 in Charisma
Reach Level 6 in Charisma
Reach Level 7 in Charisma
Reach Level 8 in Charisma
Max Charisma Skill
Reach Level 2 in Painting
Reach Level 4 in painting
Reach Level 6 in Painting
Reach Level 8 in Painting
Renovate Homes
Paint on Sketchpad

Work From Home Tasks
Renovate Homes
Take Photo
Ask Home Owner For Ideas
Paint using Sketchpad
Paint 2 Paintings
Paint on Easel
Discuss Interests with Home Owner

Sims with a degree in Art History, will jump to the Décor Debutant level.