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Off Grid NanoCan Trash Can

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The NanoCan Trash Can (also called the "money trash can") is labeled as functional off the grid, but unfortunately does not work at all on off-the-grid lots. This mod fixes this issue, so the trash can's generator feature can be used to power off-the-grid households.

Mod Functionality
With this mod the money trash can will be usable on off-the-grid lots and will drop money in the same way as it does on normal lots.

It will also generate power for the lot (if you set power to be stored in the bills UI), so as long as you have enough trash you can use electronic devices (or you could sell the surplus).

Please note that power is only generated when Sims use the trash can directly (not via drag and drop). This is normal vanilla game behavior and I did not change anything about that.

Packs required
No packs required.

Unzip and drag the package file into your Sims 4 Mods directory.

This is an override mod that only changes XML files specific to the money trash can, so if you do not use another mod that changes its functionality there should not be any conflicts.

Recolors seem to be fine, I tested the most popular one on MTS together with my mod and it worked perfectly.