Mermadic Bloodlines

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Beyond the inheritance of the Occult Mermaid state itself, the Mermaids of Island Living have little incentive to maintain a line of their same Occult status, unlike the Spellcasters of Realm of Magic, who get stronger and stronger perks as the generations go by. This mod gives Mermaids their own counterpart traits, encouraging the continuation of a Mermadic Bloodline, so further Mermaids down the line gain perks that get stronger each generation.

Following the inheritance rules established by Realm of Magic's own Spellcaster Bloodlines (see below), the bonuses received by Mermaids with Mermadic Bloodlines are as follows:

Weak Mermadic Bloodline:

  • Natural Hydration decay is 10% slower
  • Loss of Hydration from active usage (for example, from Mermaid abilities) is lessened by 10%
  • Fitness Skill gained 10% faster
  • Singing Skill gained 10% faster

Strong Mermadic Bloodline:

  • Natural Hydration decay is 20% slower
  • Loss of Hydration from active usage is lessened by 20%
  • Fitness Skill gained 20% faster
  • Singing Skill gained 20% faster

Ancient Mermadic Bloodline:

  • Natural Hydration decay is 50% slower
  • Loss of Hydration from active usage is lessened by 50%
  • Fitness Skill gained 30% faster
  • Singing Skill gained 30% faster

Inheritance rules are as follows: Mermaids without a bloodline will produce Weak Mermadic Bloodline Mermaids, Weak produces Strong, Strong produces Ancient, and Ancient produces more Ancients. These reverse if the Sim with the bloodline isn't actually born a Mermaid, or becomes a Mermaid by the time they have a child of their own. The level of the bloodline will only increase so long as the offspring is a Mermaid just like their parent(s).

Important:  Requires MAL22's Trait Tracker Injector.


This mod requires the Island Living Expansion Pack to be able to have Mermaids in the first place.

*Because the Singing Skill requires City Living, the perk for the Singing Skill will have no effect if you don't have that pack, but it should not cause any issues to not have the pack, beyond the benefit's absence.

Credits: Sims4Studio and Lot51's TDESC BROWSER for making the creation of this mod possible


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