NPC Maid Career

Requires the XML Injector.

And here we go - an actual legit career unlocked this time!  Now YOU can become the help!  When you join this career YOUR Sim will be the one to show up when a maid is hired.  

This was made specifically to support a Bonehilda conversion before Bonehilda was a thing in the Sims4.  Now, not only can she be recognized as a skeleton within the game but she can have her old job back as a maid!  And, like the Tragic Clown Career, while playing as Bonehilda it becomes a rabbit hole career ... without any chance cards, but I am just not creative enough or patient to come up with some that'd fit, really.   I really think chance cards could be added to all these NPC careers.

Anyhow, like the Tragic Clown, if a maid comes while you chosen maid is occupied the game will spawn another. 

Now that I think on it .... would it make more sense for Bonehilda to become a service skeleton?  

Anyway, for some reason this career had it's outfit "coded" totally differently than that of the Tragic Clown.  It didn't even show up in the outfit menu when I used MCC.  So I changed that to be more like a normal outfit.  So, to change it you can either use MCC or sims.modify_career_outfit_in_cas and pick out the Bonehilda outfit.  Or any outfit.

Like the Tragic Clown, just buy the trait from the Rewards Store.  Then apply to the job using your phone or the computer.