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LGBTQIA+ / Gender & Orientation Overhaul

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LGBTQIA+ / Gender & Orientation Overhaul Mod:

Gender Identity,
Gender Affirmation & Transition,
Split Orientations (In-Depth!),
Self-Discovery (optional),
Coming Out (optional),
Dating App & Lot Trait(s),
Auto-Assign (optional & customizable),
Extra aspects,
Queerplatonic relationships,
Customizable Impact on Romance / WooHoo,
& More!




his mod is HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE. See something you don’t like? Chances are, it can be turned off or fine-tuned. Check the “Settings” Section in doubt!


GENDER Identities:  

Free your Sims from the binary – their ‘CAS body gender’ doesn’t have to completely define who they are. You can choose to assign identities to sims.


Screenshot of gender identity window.


Questioning, Cisgender, Agender, Non-Binary, Genderfluid and Transgender are the options in this mod. There is dedicated extra gameplay for various gender identities.



Screenshot of gender transition menu

  • Gender Affirmation: a variety of non-medical and medical gameplay options for sims to transition or take gender-affirming steps. You can forget about CAS and actually do gameplay storytelling, accompanying your Sim along the way to their more expressed self, through interactions, moodlets, notifications, socials, relationship statuses and sentiments.


Have CONTROL over how Orientation & Identity Impacts your game:


Screenshot of settings window


  • Want your non-cis Sims to NOT be misgendered and wrongly rejected based on their body? This mod’s got you covered! See its second setting in the settings list.
  • Have a story with an individual sim who are in the closet and don’t outwardly act truthfully to who they are until they are ready to be out? Can do that with this mod too.
  • Want all Sims to once more be completely pan? You can do that by either using the auto assign features, or leaving all Sims with no assignments, or using settings to make all Sims act pan no matter what (making all labels cosmetic-only – if you choose to add labels at all).


Bring NUANCE to your Sims and stories: Orientation, Extras, QPR

 With a variety of (optionally) gameplay-impacting possibilities, you can make your Sims feel more diverse and real
  • Here’s some examples of the representation you can make. Want to play the story of a nonbinary aromantic demisexual Sim? a cis mlm sim who is still keeping up appearances in a straight relationship and getting closer to telling them the truth? a touch-averse Sim? What about, a pan/demiromantic WooHoo-Favorable asexual Sim? A heteroromantic grey/pansexual Sim? A Trans Sim doing HRT? Representing all these experiences, and more, is possible with this mod.
 Screenshot of Various attributes for sims
 ROMANTIC & SEXUAL orientations are completely separate and do not have to match at all.
    • They ALL have (optional) gameplay impact (ie if ‘gameplay impact’ setting is on.)
    • Sims can be, for romantic and sexual attraction, any mix of the following:
      • allo, grey, demi, a- ; and: attracted to masc, attracted to fem., bi, pan
        • Note: By default, the system looks at Identity not body (it’s a setting). NB, genderfluid, agender are included in all orientations by default (same setting).
      • ace / aro can be woohoo / romance -favorable, -indifferent or -averse


EXTRA ASPECTS help you represent an extra layer of realities

  • Various type of touch-dislikes for kissing-averse or touching-averse (or both).
  • Sims can hide their identity or orientation w/ the “Pretending” aspects.
  • Sims can add extra cosmetic labels such as ‘intersex’, ‘queer’, ‘gay’, ‘lesbian’.
  • Sims can chose to be Always Faithful & reject sims except their partner.
  • And more!


QUEERPLATONIC Relationships & Romance-Free WooHoo:


screenshot of queerplatonic featurs

  •  Sims can be Queerplatonic partners!
  • Aromantic Sims & Sims with matched sexual orientations but not-matched romantic orientations can woohoo without romance. Other Sims can, too, if you turn that setting on.


(Optional) AUTO-POPULATE your world with DIVERSE Sims:

 auto assign settings
  • Highly customizable auto-assign systems will allow you to have a world where Sims will appear in the game with varied gender identities and pronouns, orientations, and various other aspects.


(Optional) Have your Sims FIND THEMSELVES:


self discovery

  • Systems for sims to discover their orientation, such as ‘Unexpected Crushes‘, and discovery of attraction experience, makes them live the feels of figuring out that maybe your orientation isn’t what you thought.
  • Systems for Sims to discover their gender identity are under way 


(Optional) Have your Sims COME OUT!:


come out

  • The ‘coming out’ progression walks sims from being in the closet to coming out to family and coming out publicly.
  • Sims don’t have to come out. You are able to entirely hide coming-out interaction and ‘out status’ prompts.


DATING App & LOT Trait: meet & mingle!


Dating app

  • The Meet&Mingle! Dating App: have your Sim go on semi-blind dates with Sims auto-matched to be compatible, so Sims of any orientations and identities can meet potential partners easily.
lot trait
 Lgbtqia+ lot Trait: for your non-alloCisHet Sims to hang out with other LGBTQIA+ Sims and allies. Can be applied to various lot types! If this lot trait is applied to a bar, enjoy Special Nights with different crowds: Mondays from 6pm to 11pm is aro/ace night. Tuesdays 6pm to 11pm is W(N)LW night. Wednesdays from 6pm to 11pm is M(N)LM night. Thursdays from 6pm to 11pm is GNC night.






Enough wall of text!



It has Collapsible Menus for better readability. Check it out on WordPress



- Mc WooHoo's "No Strings WooHoo" setting is Incompatible. Note that this mod comes with its own setting that amounts to the same thing.

- No other known mods with hard compatibility problems / adjustments!


INTEGRATION / SOFT COMPATIBILITY CONCERNS: - Turbodriver's mods will recognize sexual orientations from this mod in their sexual attraction systems. HOWEVER, note that his mods look only at CAS gender, and not gender identities from my mod. And, romantic orientations will not be looked at by his mods - their system having to do with sexual attraction.

*** If you are another modder wondering about how this will work with your mod / wanting to integrate, contact me! I can share some info and pre-built tools with you to achieve that ***



- NEED HELP? Contact me on Discord or here in comments, or through the contact form on my website.
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