Open Love Life: Polyamory, Throuples, Additional Relationship Types & Gameplay

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A Mod in which Sims have Relationship Preferences (exclusive, non-exclusive, either) and can try to live their best love live – provided their partner(s) have the same preference, otherwise tears may be on the menu…



Relationship Type Preferences

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Sims now have preferences regarding relationships and exclusivity.
They can ask each other to be non-exclusive, which may mean being polyamorous or being in an open relationship or just about anything that fits! The broad wording is to be inclusive. 
Sims who have the same preference will be happier than Sims who have opposite preferences. Indifferent Sims are chill and are fine with anything. 

All Sims in the world age Teen and older will be given a preference automatically.
50% will prefer being exclusive, 25% indifferent and 25% non-exclusive.

You can change your Sim or another Sim’s preference by clicking whomever’s preference you want to change and going to the Actions menu.


Striking a Non-Exclusive Arrangement


Sims who agree to be non-exclusive will NOT show any jealous reaction of each other (unless they have the jealous trait, then they will be able to get a jealous moodlet sometime).

Will they Accept or Refuse?
Sims who prefer non-exclusive relationships will always accept.
Sims who prefer exclusive relationships have 30% chance of accepting.
Sims who are indifferent have 50% chance of accepting.

Refusal triggers this result, which goes away after 2 sim days so you can ask again then, but not before.
Acceptance triggers this:

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Moodlets granted by accepting or refusing and by complaining, enthusing, or asking to become exclusive are fully dependent on each Sim’s preference and the other Sim’s preference.


Can NPCs ask my Sim autonomously?

Kind of – only in particular circumstances. Your Sim needs to “Ask Preference about Non-Exclusive Relationship”. This becomes possible once some romance exists between the Sims.
Then, if the listener is neutral there’s a 50% chance they will within 24 hours ask to become non-exclusive, and if they prefer non-exclusive, a 100% chance (may change that later). It will be a phone call,so have your Sim pick up if you want the options!


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Sims can:
– Ask to Go Exclusive.  Moodlets and acceptance depend on each Sim’s preference.  
Enthuse about Non-Exclusive Relationship (if in one and neutral / unexclusively inclined).  Moodlets depend on each Sim’s preference. 
– Complain about Non-Exclusive Relationship (if in one and neutral / exclusivity inclined).  Moodlets depend on each Sim’s preference. 
 – Confess to feeling jealousy (if in a non-exclusive relationship and with exclusive preference). Moodlets depend on each Sim’s preference.
Ask if Having Other partners: if no answer comes, they’re not seeing anyone else. I could not show a notification for this one because of how things are coded. If they have another partner, they will tell you with a notification.
Talk about Another Partner,if in a non-exclusive relationship and having several partners. Reactions may vary depending on preference…
Praise Exclusive Lifestyle  (with friends etc, no moodlets for now). 
Praise Non-Exclusive Lifestyle (with friends etc, no moodlets for now).



3-Sim Couples and Side Partners

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  • Sims can now have 3-Sim Couples: exclusive between the 3 and not jealous within the triad, but will be jealous if any other goes with someone out of the triad.
  • Sims in an exclusive relationship can now have an “Approved Side Lover”: with their partner’s approval, they may WooHoo with One other specified Sim without causing any upset or jealousy. If partner A got the agreement to get a side partner, if someday B asks A for a side partner too, A will obligatorily agree, for a matter of fairness.
  • For Sims to be able to ask to add a partner, there needs to be some romance existing between the asking Sim and the prospective extra partner first.
  • Sims will accept or refuse these arrangements based on their relationship preferences and a bit of chance.
  • If a Sim asks to have either of these relationships, and their partner accepts, they will text the third party to tell them about it. THe third party will react depending on relationship preference.

NOTE THERE IS ONE LIMITATION for now: A sim who has a multiple exclusive relationship with others and also has a secret, cheated-with partner on the side who is not part of that relationship – if said partner sees them together they will have no reaction. Only if members of the triad see it will they react with jealousy. 





Want your Sims to be non-exclusive but they refused / you don’t want the trouble of asking? You can either wait until you can ask again (2 sim days) or cheat the relationship by going to the Actions menu.
Want to remove a relationship? You can do so in the actin menu when clicking the other Sim.
Want to remove ALL non-exclusive relationships from your sim? You can do so by clicking your Sim and going to the Actions menu.


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Want you Sims to be polyamorous? Make sure their preference is towards non-exclusive relationships! If not, change it in the Actions menu. They’ll then both be happy with the multiple partner aspect. Remember that the game by default allows having several boyfriends/girlfriends/SOs, so your Sims can ask several others to by Significant Others, and if they’re in a Non-Exclusive relationship everyone will be non-jealous.

Want a Sim to be never jealous, even when not in a non-exclusive relationship? Click them, go to the actions menu, and click ‘Make Sim Fully Unable To Be Jealous’. You’ll get a trait.  (remember, all Sims who are in a Non-Exclusive relationship are automatically not jealous of each other).





If sims break up or divorce, the non-exclusive relationship between them will also go away.

If a Sim goes exclusive with another, any other Non-Exclusive link will be broken, since this sim is now officially exclusive; but not the romance between those other Sims. The Sim who went exclusive has to manually go break up with everyone, or let the relationships die off…

You can also remove Non-Exclusive arrangements through an interaction under the “Relationship Type” menu”.

You can also cheat-remove a non-exclusive relationship by clicking the other Sim and going to the Actions menu.


Non-exclusively inclined Sims will more easily accept romantic interactions from new Sims. Exclusively inclined Sims will not accept as readily.