Mood Pack: New Moods for your Sims

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Have you ever wished your Sim would feel more varied emotions?

Perhaps 'Relieved', or 'Jealous', 'Disappointed', maybe even Guilty, Affectionate, Optimistic, and many more nuanced moods?

This mod is the answer! :)

The Mood Pack Mod adds 40+ new moods to the game.

It is a mood bank that other mods can call to. With it, your favorite creators can add more diversity to their moodlets by giving them custom moods when the EA default doesn't quite 'fit'.

This version of the Mood Pack is for Mod Users. If you download a mod that requires the Mood Pack, also download this file, and you are all set!


NOTE: THIS MOD DOES NOT DO THINGS ON ITS OWN!! It's a MOOD BANK THAT OTHER MODS CAN USE. For example, my 'Road to Romance' mod has moodlets that use the 'Enamored' mood, 'Custom Moods for Some Game Moodlets' converts to custom moods some existing EA moodlets, Adeepindigo's mods make use of various custom moods, etc.


List of Moods currently included:
Admirative, Affectionate (all), Anxious / Panicked, Bitter, Compassionate, Concerned / Worried, Confused, Disappointed, Disgusted, Distracted, Excited, Enamored (romantic), Entranced, Forgiving, Frustrated, Guilty, Hurt / Betrayed, Indecisive, In Pain, Insecure, Jealous, Lazy, Lonely, Mean, Misunderstood, Nostalgic, Optimistic, Pessimistic, Productive, Proud, Relaxed, Relieved, Reclusive, Resentful, Satisfied, Scared, Shocked, Sorry / Remorseful, Suspicious, Tired, Weirded Out
- More moods to be added in the future!


Some Mods that use and require the Mood Pack Mod are:

- Road to Romance (by myself): adds a romance Skill, more romantic interactions, etc
- Better Babies and Toddlers by Caradriel
- First Impressions (by myself): lets Sims form First Impressions of each other upon first meeting!
- Custom Moods for Some Game Moodlets (by myself): replaces some game moodlets with more fitting custom moods
- SimTuber Career by Adeepindigo
- School Milestones by Adeepindigo
- Healthcare Redux by Adeepindigo
- Family Therapy by Adeepindigo
- Preteen Mod by ItsKatato & Adeepindigo
- SimsTuber Career by Adeepindigo
- Valentines Holiday Tradition by Adeepindigo
- Dynamic Teen Life by Adeepindigo
- 100 Base Game Trait Pack by Chingyu (Optionally)
- Sentiment Lot Traits by Chingyu (Optionally)
- Teen Interaction Reactions by MissyHissy


IF YOU ARE A MOD CREATOR and want to use the Mood Pack in one of your mods: You will find the Creator's Package on my public Patreon post for this mod.

If you are a MOD USER: you only need the file from here! :)



Compatible with Absolutely All Mods Ever. Can NOT conflict with anything. It is completely independent additional code.



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