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A huge thank you to Snowie for allowing me to make this mod! 

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📖 The History Challenge by Snowie (GoogleDocs)
HCCM Information; How to play, inclusions & exclusions and troubleshooting document can be found in the wiki tab of this page.


This mod is designed for History Challenge players, the main objective of this mod is to prevent the need for players to constantly keep having to pull up the google doc and allow for a more challenging gameplay experience.

  • This mod keeps track of every single generation up to the 11th generation (the final era, Future Tech) and sims inherit their respective generation trait on birth. You can find this trait in the sim info panel.
  • It also keeps track of the era, you can also find this trait in the trait panel.
  • Prevents sims from having access to interactions/jobs that are not unlocked yet in that era.
  • Jobs unlock as the eras progress
  • Interactions unlock as you progress
  • Eras progress upon the birth of the first child in the new generation
  • Every sim in the household will get the next era's trait and the unlocked content that comes with it (sims will keep their own generation trait).
  • If an interaction hasn't unlocked yet, it will be greyed out with a tooltip telling you it isn't available during that era
  • Aging up via the birthday cake is not possible unless it is the sims actual birthday. (Not available on toddlers)
  • You will get a notification on each era progression of what has been unlocked and the aspirations you can now use
  • Upon starting the challenge (either from the default Stone Age or cheating a different era), you will be prompted to choose your starting funds.
    Either §5000 (Historian) or §8000 (Casual).
  • Cheats are included, simply navigate to the piemenu on the mailbox. You have the option of starting from a specific era of your choose / the option to add any era trait (multiple can be added, but be aware this may cause issues with interaction/job restriction).
  • You can end the history challenge (and wipe all traits from the household) by clicking on the mailbox and choosing ‘End History Challenge’.

Due to the nature of this mod, there are a lot of overrides. I have mostly packaged them separately, and you should be able to tell what the override is by the name of the package file.
If you wanted to remove the career overrides or the birthday cake override, you are safe to do that without breaking the mod.


This mod requires MAL22's Trait Tracker & Scumbumbo's XML Injector. XML Injector will download automatically if installing with the CurseForge App.

MAL22 Trait Injector - LINK (Itch.io)


HCCM will not work properly without these mods.



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