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 Want to experience Royalty in Ancient Greece? Download the Ancient Greece add-on here!


Heavy is the head that wears the crown! How will you rule your kingdom? Will you become a beloved Monarch or a Despised Tyrant? 
This mods allows your Sims to be the royalty they were destined to be. From reigning monarchy, princesses and nobility to illegitimate royals and filthy peasants, this mod is designed not just to offer royal playthroughs but to give all historical players something to enjoy.

Included but not limited to;

  • Monarchs and other royal titles
  • Royal advisors
  • Nobility with ranking system
  • Public adoration or hatred based on a Monarch's decisions
  • Change-able and customizable overhead titles
  • Heirs, succession & inheritance
  • Taxes & Tax collector
  • Royal events such as coronations and audiences
  • Careers for royals (Monarch career) nobles (Courtier career) & peasantry (Blacksmith, Farrier, Cobbler, Carpenter, Locomotion Smith, Watch Maker, Letter writer (for literate sim only - pair with my Literacy mod), and beggar (for child-teen)
  • Servants
  • Custom Plumbobs
  • New lot traits
  • New rabbitholes for royals, nobles & peasants
  • Automatically added class traits (peasant, middle class & gentry) based on either lot value, household funds, or both.
  • Automatically added regional royal or noble traits based on where your sims live
  • Debutants for noble & royal teens/young adults
  • Knights & personal bodyguard knights
  • Squire role for children and teens under a Knight's tutelage which includes an after school career, rabbithole to watch knights train and a practice sword fighting interaction for teens.
  • Sword fighting & dueling for adults
  • Poisonous apples to bump of your opposition
  • Sending & receiving correspondences 
  • Ladies-in-Waiting for royal sims
  • Lineage traits
  • Pickpocketing interaction & skill for teen - elder
  • Hunting rabbithole (Pair with LBB's Olde Cookbook mod for best experience - linked below)
  • Hunting is seasonal, what animals are brought back and how many is based on what the season is (seasonal hunt list on tutorials page)
  • Royalty are reacted to as such
  • Trading system with Jacques the Trader, a new NPC
  • Missing Princess (/Royal) aspiration
  • Traits as club requirements
  • Royal Social Media for modern day royalty
  • Execution (Burn at stake - non graphic and in-keeping with TS4's cartoonish style)
  • Dungeons (Off-site download, linked below)
  • Torture (Boil in Cauldron, Shackles, Scolds Bridle, Underground Prison - again, non graphic) (Off-site download, linked below)
  • In-game tutorials, cheats & settings menu
  • And probably more that I am forgetting! 




Confused on where to start or want to learn about all the features in the mod?
Read the mod guide here! 

Get Famous has always been recommended to play this mod and is strongly recommended to play this update,
without it you might not be able to experience the full features of this update.



Due to age restrictions, the Dungeons & Death update is uploaded as an add-on on my Patreon (free) to be downloaded separately.
Alternative Download (SFS)



2.8.3 Patch

  • Inherited traits issue fixed
  • Fixed an issue where dismissing a servant wouldn't properly remove all their servant attributes.
  • Fixed servants standing around and doing nothing the entire time they are on lot. They will default to the butler idle animations and also be pinged every 30 ingame seconds to do something. If there is literally nothing for them to do (cleaning, reading, chess, ect), then they will default to idle.
  • Cooks will now immediately head to the kitchen (or anyone room with a fridge - please keep this in mind) in order to prevent them from hanging around the front door.
  • New world added to regional traits & laws


2.8.2 (Regents)

You can now name a regent!
If your Monarch is worried about passing before their heir is of age, they can entrust the role of regent to someone.
If they do happen to die before their time, the regent will automatically become active upon their death and have all of the power the Monarch did.

Once your heir ages up, they can inform the regent that they are ready to take the throne.
However, if the regent and heir aren't on good terms then the regent may very well choose to keep the throne for themselves!
Your heir will need to gather the support of the nobility in order to throw a coronation without the regent interjecting.

Be careful though, as feisty heirs may find themselves in the new tower object ([LN] Tower in the catalogue), thrown away to rot... or worse, go 'missing'.
(Child sims included, for the utmost historical accuracy ;) )
Some have even claimed to see a new ghost type, the 'Tower Ghost'!

Other inclusions:

  • You can now claim seats as thrones for your Monarchs! No other sims will sit in them.
  • After passing away, Monarchs will get the trait 'Past Monarch'.
  • New interactions for the Royal Social Media upon the passing of a Monarch.
  • New worlds added to the regional royal and noble traits.
  • Laws have been updated for new world San Sequoia.



Folder Structure

I've set up the mods folder structure a little differently, and it requires some further installation from you.


I've included three different versions of auto-classes, PLEASE ONLY HAVE ONE OF THE OPTIONS IN YOUR MODS FOLDER.

  • Cash & Lot Value: Designates the class traits based on the sims household cash AND their lot value.
  • Cash Only: Designates the class traits based on the sims household cash ONLY.
  • Lot Value Only: Designates the class traits based on their lot value ONLY.



This folder contains features of the mod which can be safely taken out if you don't want them in your game.





Frankk's Pack Test Script - LINK (Frankk's Website)  Will Automatically Download if Installed with CurseForge App
XML Injector - LINK (CurseForge) Will Automatically Download if Installed with CurseForge App
MAL22 Trait Injector -
LINK (Itch.io)




New strings in:

  1. STRINGS_Laws_BaseTuning
  2. STRINGS_Cheats_Picker


How to Install the Royalty Mod, XML Injector and the Trait Injector - LINK (GoogleDoc)

How to Customize Titles - LINK (GoogleDoc)
How to Delete Cache Files -  LINK (Crinrict's site)
Tutorial on changing class values: READ HERE (GoogleDoc)

Why Do I Need XML Injector? - LINK (Tumblr)



Lumpinou's Rambunctious Religions (lumpinou's website) 

LittlBowBub's Ye Olde Cookbook (LBB's patreon)



Discord Invite for troubleshooting


Initial Release Trailer



Nobles & Knights Update



Peasant Life Update



Dungeons & Death Update (Download here)