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Better Pet Hangouts (plus Stray Adoption)

Cat Hangouts and Dog Hangouts in the vanilla game do not work that well and there is also a bug concerning the spawning of strays. This mod collection fixes these issues and also adds an interaction that gives your Sim the ability to convince other Sims to adopt a stray animal.

This is a collection of multiple mods and you can mix and match according to your needs. But I would recommend that you get at least the NoMoreFakeStrays mod if you intend to play with strays.

Better Pet Hangouts

There's a bug where cats and dogs at lots with the Cat Hangout or Dog Hangout lot traits don't use the amenities like food or litter boxes and just constantly beg for food instead.

This mod fixes these issues and lets the pets behave more "naturally" (according to their traits).

Beware! There might be dog poop on your porch now or an occasional cat fight ;)

No More Fake Strays

There's a bug that lets pets spawn as strays that are not actually strays (but just don't live on a lot currently). This might be an issue if you (or Neighborhood Stories) evict a household with a pet.

This mod fixes this issue, so you won't accidentally adopt a pet that already has a family.

Suggest Adopting a Stray

This mod adds a new friendly interaction "Suggest Adopting a Stray Cat/Dog", so you can run an animal shelter and try to persuade other Sims to adopt specific strays. This was once part of one of my older mods and I decided to continue it, since it works so well with the Pet Hangout lot traits.

You can only suggest to adopt a stray cat or dog if your Sim has already met this stray and it is around at the moment. If there are none the interaction will not show.

The suggestion will not always be successful and the Sims will get moodlets depending on the result. Sims with the traits "Dog Lover" or "Cat Lover" will be affected more, both positively and negatively, but they will also be more successful.

Available languages:


Unzip and drag both the package file and the script file into your Sims 4 Mods directory (not more than one folder deep).


SuggestAdoptingAStray adds completely new interactions and does not override any game resources, so it's quite unlikely to conflict with other mods. But NoMoreFakeStrays and BetterPetHangouts override game resources that deal with strays, so it might conflict if you use other mods that change something about how strays work.