Under Counter Laundry Baskets

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This is NOT a replacer, it will add a new object

I've cloned the laundry baskets included with Laundry Day and made them snap into counters, and stretched the meshes so they take up more space under the counter.

I've also taken the basket decorative object included with Parenthood, and edited the mesh to include a growing clothes pile like the other baskets!
This one uses a different clothing texture though as I saw no reason to overwrite the one that's already used with it.
Note: you do not need to own the Parenthood pack to use the basket in my file

When using these I wouldn't recommend:
- Placing them on island counters; as you can see through the inside to the outside, but not the other way around.
- Placing them on the end of a set of counters (use a decorative end counter piece with the manual counter options to cover the side up) as it leaves a strip of counter visible at the back after being cut away to accommodate the basket.

Note: it will also sometimes leave a shadow slightly visible of where the counter used to be before it was cut away (it's the shadow generated for things like handles on the cabinets) - unfortunately there's nothing I can do about this that I know of. It's not very noticable so it doesn't really matter.

Catalogue details:
They can be found in the same place as the original laundry baskets (Activities & Skills > Misc)
Feeling Fabric Hamper: §180
Laundry Basket (Parenthood): §100
Laundry Maid: §125
Wicker Whims Hamper: §100