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Deutsche Beschreibung

"RoMail2" is a continuation of "RoMail". Thanks goes to n0iz3 the original addon author, and RaconZ, who started this continuation project in 2009.

New Features:

  • Friends list is alphabetized.


  • Take everything
  • Take just gold
  • Take only items
  • Remove all empty mails
  • Friends List
  • Visual and audible "new mail" notification.
  • Total amount of gold ad
  • Item tooltip in your inbox
  • Automatic update of the subject with the amount of gold or item.
  • Guild List

Errors / Bugs:
none known

Fixed errors / bugs:

  • Open the Item Shop (Almost at the same time was published in RoM Forum help available, so I would also like to thank katapult7. Thus, we are both arguing about who it has only found ... ^ ^)

To Do:

  • Distinguish between "Take Money" and "Take Diamonds"
  • Integration of zMailQueue, once permission to do so is granted.


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