4,695 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 20, 2012 Game Version: 4.0.11

Please submit bug reports and change requests through the ticketing system on this addon's Curse project page.

EQSwap allows you to select which pieces of equipment you want to persist when swapping between your two EQ sets. This is particularly useful if you wear vanity items like wings, or have certain pieces of transmuted gear you want to wear on both classes of your character.

Configuration may be accessed through /eqswap. This addon is also compatible with AddonManager.

The addon relies on moving selected items into your bag and back onto your character, so you need to make sure you have enough free bag slots to complete the equipment swap. If you don't have enough slots or otherwise want to swap equipment without using the addon, just hold down the Shift key when clicking the swap button in the character window. This will allow you to swap equipment normally (e.g. without any gear persisting).


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